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Apothecary in Training
Portrayed by Isla Fisher
Name: Sorcha Aine O'Shea
Aliases: -
Birthday: Oct 27, 1917
Position: Apothecary
Lineage: Half-blood


Sorcha is a petite ginger girl that radiates vitality and youth from almost every fiber of her being. In her late teens, the young woman has long curling locks of auburn hair with coppery tones and blonde highlights that fall well past her shoulders, currently left down with the sides tied back using a thin black ribbon. Her dark cardigan set in hunter green compliments her deep brown eyes with flecks of green and gold in their depths, the sweater clasped at her throat with a golden amber brooch in the shape of an acorn. Her pleated wool skirt in a deep grey hangs down to her mid calves, swishing against her stockings just before they go into her buttoned black shoes with their short heels


Sorcha is the first child in her family not to be born in Ireland. After a tumultuous year of heartbreak and upheaval for her family, they relocated to London where her mother was able to take over as the head of the household as a nurse at St. Mungo's. The home that Sorcha grew up in was one that was drastically different as the youngest of five in the O'Shea family, a city life with a father bitter from losing a rebellion that soon cost him his family's home. But, for her, it was a happy childhood. While her siblings saw a drastic change in her father, he was the way she'd always known him. And in keeping with her name as a 'bright hope' she did seem to bring light to his face and laughter to his heart once again as she grew. Her place as the doted on youngest child was one she didn't mind in the slightest. Her eldest brother Keenan was well away to working at St. Mungo's by the time she was old enough to go to Hogwarts and having him take her down to Diagon Alley to buy her cauldrons, familiars, and spell components was nothing unusual to her at all. He knew all the shopkeepers, seemed to know dozens of people in the community, and always managed to sneak in a few extra sweets for her train ride to school. Like her closest brother she was sorted into Ravenclaw, though it wasn't uncommon for the halls of the house dormitory to resound with questions about how in the world she'd made it there instead of Hufflepuff with her other sibling.

If anything can be said about Sorcha, it's that she is a free spirit in the truest sense of the word. Excelling in Herbology and Potions much like her sister and mother before her, the contrast came in that she didn't seem to take any serious interest in either subject. The raising of plants and formulae for concoctions coming as easy to her as breathing meant that she never took her studies particularly seriously, instead spending a significant portion of her time in Astrology and Astronomy mooning over boys rather than the actual moon. Reading tea leaves for her future husband and children rather than the assigned lessons in Divinations. And, generally, flitting from subject to subject without any full attention given to any one of them. When pressed after her NEWTs and OWLs as to what she was going to do when she grew up, each professor got a different answer. To one she was going to be an innkeeper, to another a fashion designer. Yet others heard that she had plans to run off with a folk band and start her own music career (a particular favorite of her practical mother's). But, in the end, she graduated with high marks and went to spend a few years at home with her parents to 'get her start' and find her way in the world.

Rather than going to settle in the village where her Mum has retired to with her Da, she went to go work at her sister's shop and help with her business as an Apothecary. For several years she lived with her sister and the addition of her sister's new husband Adamantus Gideon above the shop where they worked together. Most days they got along divinely and others it was a bit more… fiery a relationship, but in all events they were still sisters becoming even closer than they had been when Sorcha was in school. After a series of events and breaking things off with Graham Cohen, Sorcha took on the task of finding new suppliers and sources for materials and ingredients for the shop, traveling around to various acquaintances and family friends to make connections expanding the shop's already established network. But now with things becoming more dangerous for a half-blood young lady traveling on her own she came back home just in time for the life altering attack on Diagon Alley that took her elder sister's life. It's unclear what her next step will be… taking on the role of Apothecary in full? Or running off to one of the new lands she's been traveling to of late.

RP Hooks

Need a potion?
Travel frequently and socialize with random people on trains and at stations and pubs?
Shopping in Diagon for supplies for school or other errands?


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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Fool'sLove
  • Impish



Sorcha is the apple of her father's eye and she definitely wants to keep it that way. Being the baby has it's advantages.


Biggest brother. He certainly won't ever forget that he is, either. Finally he's found himself a lady friend, though, and she seems nice enough. At least she knows who to side with in an argument…


Big brother. With a wife and kids I don't see him often anymore, but when I do it's always a gaff.


Big brother. He has a wife and a family as well, seeing him is always fun and it's great to play with the kids!


Big sister. Rest in peace, it's hard to know how things will go on without her.


Her sister's husband now counts himself as another brother. Yet more people to bandy about in her business! But, he seems a good sort even if he and Da got off on the wrong foot. She still likes him in any case.


Keenan's fiance. She's quite pretty. And does well when startled. And seems to have her head in the right place. It's no wonder that Keenan fancies her.


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