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A Very Fine Hat
Portrayed by Leslie Phillips (voice)
Name: Sorting Hat
Birthday: Founder's era (c. 993 AD)
Position: Sorter
Lineage: Magical Artefact


A pointed brown wizard's hat with a wide brim. The hat is bent, battered, ripped, and stitched all over. One large rip near the brim serves as its mouth, while folds of fabric above sometimes resemble eyes and eyebrows.


Originally sewn over a thousand years ago, the Sorting Hat was once the property of Godric Gryffindor. That founder enchanted the hat with a mind and personality in order to be the selector of Houses for Hogwarts students.

The Sorting Hat's Songs

Every year the Sorting Hat sings a special song to welcome students to Hogwarts and impart some of its thousand years of wisdom.

Welcome Welcome to Hogwarts
Where witches,
learn riches
and wizards,
become hazards,
to the obstacles in the way.

Let's get to the Firsties
for this is their day!
Come, don't dance like monkeys
or fret in dismay!

I know I don't look it
I can tell my appearance makes you fidget
But my story is worldly
I once graced Godric's head so boldy

He built his house
with no room for a mouse,
only room for the daring and brave
then I was stolen by a wicked old knave

Salazar did covet me
I'm magnificent as you can see!
All things great and wondrous
makes his house of Slytherin ponderous.

But no, he could not have us!

A fight did happen, I was torn
but Helga mended me, I was re-born.
You can see the black patch,
for good and caring she had no match.

But strife and tension did not slake
Until Rowena ever wise four statues did she make
Each Founder visage in stone was given a gift
A symbol of a peace treaty to heal the rift.

A secret in treasure gold,
A sword for the bold,
A cup to nurture and pleasure,
A crown of wit beyond measure.

Each gift they give still
though hidden for good or ill
The Founder's gifts forever hidden way
which of these four gifts will you display?


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