Anti-Cheating Spell
hp.png Anti-Cheating Spell "Scribus Veritas" (SCRY-bus ver-EE-tahs)
Enchants up to a dozen writing quills at a time, making it impossible for them to write cheats. This spell is specifically taught to those in the Wizarding Examinations Authority, and is frequently known by magical educators. All exams — even pop quizzes — are taken with these quills. Generally expected to be used "off-camera", with no roll required under normal circumstances. Anyone who knows this spell can be assumed to have an ample supply of anti-cheating quills if they so desire.
Skill/Roll: Charms / +roll Charms Casting Time: 20 minutes
Training: Wizarding Examinations Authority training / Private study (2 Cookies) Duration: Permanent
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