Banishing Charm
hp.png Banishing Charm "Depulso" (de-PUHL-so) Counter-spell • Movement
Sends a target (mostly) harmlessly away from the caster. The target is said to have been Banished. Can be used as a counter-spell to the Summoning Charm, sending a Summoned object back to its original location. While normal Banishment is limited by the size and weight of the target object, any Summoned object can be Banished with any success level, so long as the caster overcomes the success level of the summoner. Generally, only targets that could be physically moved by a single human adult can be Banished.
Skill/Roll: Charms / +roll Charms Casting Time: One round
Training: 4th Year Charms Class Duration: Instantaneous
  • Success: Banishes a small target (e.g. a cat, a footstool, a broomstick)
  • Good Success: Banishes a medium target (e.g. a human child, an armchair)
  • Great Success: Banishes a large target (e.g. a human adult, a twin bed)
  • Amazing Success: Banishes a huge target (e.g. a queen-sized bed, a fully-packed steamer trunk)
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