Bird-Transfiguration Spell
hp.png Bird-Transfiguration Spell "Avifors" (AH-vi-fors) Beast • Transformation
Transforms a unintelligent target of Small or smaller size into a bird, or a collection of similar targets into a flock of birds.
Skill/Roll: Transfiguration / +roll Transfiguration Casting Time: One round
Training: 2nd Year Transfiguration class Duration: Varies with success level
  • Embarrassing Failure: Would you like toast with that? The target is transfigured into an egg, instead.
  • Failure: Fizzle! Nothing happens.
  • Success: Effects last for one minute, or one round if in combat.
  • Good Success: Effects last for one scene, or two rounds if in combat.
  • Great Success: Effects last for one day, or three rounds if in combat.
  • Amazing Success: Effects are permanent until untransfigured.
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