Cheering Charm
hp.png Cheering Charm "Exultus" (eks-ULL-tus) Mind
A spell that induces happiness in a person. The incantation must be spoken with pep and joy. One cannot successfully cast a Cheering Charm if one is sad (meaning that a sad person cannot use this spell on himself to cheer himself up).
Skill/Roll: Glamers / +roll Glamers Casting Time: One round
Training: 3rd Year Charms Class Duration: Varies with success level. Happiness may continue of its own accord after duration expires
  • Success: Fleeting smiles (one minute)
  • Good Success: Warm fuzzies (ten minutes)
  • Great Success: Happy thoughts (one hour)
  • Amazing Success: Fits of hysterical laughter (one to three hours). This is generally considered overdoing it.
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