Conjuration Spell, Simple
hp.png Conjuration Spell, Simple "-creo" (-KRAY-oh) Conjuring
The Simple Conjuration Spell can be used to conjure a Small (or smaller) unintelligent target. Living things cannot be conjured with this spell. Only solid physical things can be conjured — conjuring liquids, gases, or energy requires specific spells suited to those tasks.

The following roll modifiers apply.
• -2 if the thing being conjured has separate, moving parts.

The prefix for this spell's incantation can vary greatly, depending upon what is being conjured. Usually it will be some derivative of the Latin name for the thing. For example, if conjuring a cup, one might incant "Calixicreo".
Skill/Roll: Conjuration / +roll Conjuration Casting Time: One round
Training: Fifth Year Transfiguration Class Duration: Varies
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