Defensive Charge
hp.png Defensive Charge "Fulmencorpus" (FOOL-men-COR-pus) Electricity • Protection
Causes a charge of electricity to run through the body of a target, shocking anyone touching that target and leaving them mildly burned. The electricity has no negative effect on the target. This effect has been known to occur reflexively by a wizard being physically menaced, as a form of uncontrolled magic.
Skill/Roll: Conjuration 6 / +roll Conjuration-2 Casting Time: One round
Training: Private study, 5th Year or higher (10 Cookies) Duration: Instantaneous
  • Any Success: Anyone touching the target when this is cast is shocked, and suffers a -1 to all rolls through the next round. Those affected must release the target unless they can beat the caster's level of success on a Body + Presence roll.
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