Exanimus Curse
hp.png Exanimus Curse "Exanimo" (ex-ah-NEE-moh) Beast • Dark
A lesser known aspect of the branch of magic known as Necromancy, this spell temporarily animates the corpse of a small dead animal (no larger than a rat) as an undead thing called an Exanimus. The caster has very limited control of the animated creation. It can be directed to perform very basic movements (e.g. walk forward, turn left, stop). Anything more complex requires another Charms (-3) roll. All actions must be actively controlled, like a puppeteer manipulating a puppet. The Exanimus cannot be given instructions to be followed out of the caster's sight. This spell is used primarily to teach basic reanimation techniques before ascending to more difficult Necromancy.
Skill/Roll: Charms 7 / +roll Charms-3 Casting Time: Twenty minutes
Training: Private study (40 Cookies) Duration: Varies with success level
Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 6 / Dark Arts Lore 2
  • Embarrassing Failure: The Exanimus rises, and attacks the caster immediately!
  • Failure: The spell fails, and the corpse is ruined for further attempts at animation.
  • Success: The Exanimus is animated for five minutes.
  • Good Success: The Exanimus is animated for twenty minutes.
  • Great Success: The Exanimus is animated for one hour.
  • Amazing Success: The Exanimus is animated for one day.
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