Impervius Charm
hp.png Impervius Charm "Impervius" (im-PUR-vee-us) Protection
A protective spell that makes a target resistant to one of the following elements (chosen by the caster): cold, earth, fire, metal, water, wood. The spell will attempt to repel the chosen element. For example, an Impervius Charm cast on a pair of glasses can be used to prevent rain from obscuring the lenses. A target can only benefit from one Impervius Charm at a time. Note that when cast on a person, this spell protects their clothing as well (though not necessarily anything the person is holding).
Skill/Roll: Charms / +roll Charms Casting Time: One round
Training: 4th Year Charms class Duration: One scene
  • Success: Negative effects from the chosen element are reduced by half.
  • Good Success: Negative effects from the chosen element are reduced to one-quarter.
  • Great Success: The target is immune to any negative effects from the chosen element.
  • Amazing Success: The target is immune, and the effects extend to people and small objects the target is touching.

Extended incantations one might use when specifying the element being protected against:

  • Cold — "Impervius Frigus" (im-PUR-vee-us FREE-gus)
  • Earth — "Impervius Terrus" (im-PUR-vee-us TAIR-us)
  • Fire/Heat — "Impervius Flammas" (im-PUR-vee-us FLAH-mus)
  • Metal — "Impervius Ferrus" (im-PUR-vee-us FAIR-us)
  • Water — "Impervius Aquis" (im-PUR-vee-us AH-kwis)
  • Wood — "Impervius Lignus" (im-PUR-vee-us LIG-nus)
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