Inferus Spell
hp.png Inferus Spell "Inferus" (in-FAIR-us) Dark
The most famous aspect of the branch of magic known as Necromancy. This Dark spell animates the corpse of a dead human to create an Inferius (plural: Inferi). The Inferius is under the command of the wizard that created it, and must be ordered verbally. Often, Inferi will be given standing orders and left as eternal guardians in a hidden place. Though a single Dark wizard can create many Inferi with multiple castings of this spell, it can be difficult to maintain animation of all of them.
Skill/Roll: Charms 9 / +roll Charms-5 Casting Time: One day
Training: Private study (100 Cookies; six months) Duration: Permanent
Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 4 / Dark Arts Lore 1
  • Embarrassing Failure: The Inferius rises, and attacks the caster immediately!
  • Failure: The spell fails, and the corpse is ruined for further attempts at animation.
  • Success: Creates an Inferius. Any previous Inferi created are rendered back to inanimate corpses.
  • Good Success: Creates an Inferius. The last Inferius created is rendered back to an inanimate corpse.
  • Great Success: Creates an Inferius. All previous Inferi remain animate.
  • Amazing Success: Creates a Greater Inferius*. All previous Inferi remain animate.

*Details on the Greater Inferius will be forthcoming, as the Bestiary is developed. It is faster and stronger than a normal Inferius (which are already quite strong), and mildly resistant to magic (+1 to any rolls to resist magical effects by anyone but the Dark wizard that created it).

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