Legilimency Spell
hp.png Legilimency Spell "Legilimens" (leh-JIL-ih-menz) Mind
Allows the caster to delve into the thoughts, emotions, and memories of the victim. This is the layman's version of mental exploration, and cannot be performed wandlessly or non-verbally. True masters of the art are called Legilimens, and require no wand or incantation to perform it.

The caster suffers an additional -2 penalty to the Glamers roll if the Legilimens cannot look the target directly in the eyes. Note that typical defensive spells (such as a Shield Charm) are not effective against this spell, but there are many spells (and mundane methods) to break the offender's concentration and prevent mental intrusion. This method is generally good for getting one question answered about the character.
Skill/Roll: Glamers 8 / +roll Glamers-4 Casting Time: Three rounds
Training: Private study (30 Cookies; two months) Duration: Varies with the depth of information sought
Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 6
  • Embarrassing Failure: Backfire! The caster's mind opens to the target, who will gain glimpses of those memories the caster would most like to keep hidden.
  • Failure: Fizzle. Nothing happens.
  • Any Success: The caster may have one question about the victim answered. Note that a player is never obligated to tell you their character's deepest, darkest secrets if they choose not to. This spell is intended to enhance role-play and fun, not detract from it.
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