Limbo Mist
hp.png Limbo Mist "Topsiturvi" (TAHP-see-TER-vee) Area • Movement
Creates a golden mist that floats a few feet above the ground, filling a space up to ten cubic feet. Within the mist, the effects of gravity are altered. Those within feel that the world has turned upside-down, with the sky far below them, and the ground as a "ceiling" above. Anything touching the ground remains adhered to it, but anything that becomes detached from the ground will fall upward to the top of the mist. Even for those that remain on the ground, the effect is extremely disorienting, and the mist can be difficult to escape. Despite floating off of the ground, crawling under the mist will not prevent the spell's effects.
Skill/Roll: Charms 8 / +roll Charms-4 Casting Time: Ten minutes
Training: Private study (20 Cookies) Duration: Varies with success level
Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 4
  • Success: The Limbo Mist lasts for one hour.
  • Good Success: The Limbo Mist lasts for six hours.
  • Great Success: The Limbo Mist lasts for twelve hours.
  • Amazing Success: The Limbo Mist lasts for one day.

Special: Please copy and paste the three lines of code below in game in the room where you cast the Limbo Mist. Replace the sections in bold with the appropriate information.

@Create Limbo Mist

@describe Limbo Mist=%R%T[ansi(hc,Castername has created a Limbo Mist, a golden cloud that hovers a few feet above the ground. The golden cloud of mist is ten feet long by ten feet wide, and the top is ten feet high. The mist is located describe where the mist is located. If you enter the mist, gravity reverses, and you must roll +roll Body + Reaction -2 to avoid falling upward (possibly hovering helplessly if you cannot reach handholds). To escape the disorienting mist, you must +roll Mind + Presence -2 with a Good Success, or make two rolls with a Success or better. %R

Drop Limbo Mist

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