Living-Image Charm
hp.png Living-Image Charm "Depingo" (deh-PEEN-goh)
The charm used to activate wizard paintings, granting them sentience. Such paintings must be created using special paints mixed with the proper potions. If the painting is a portrait of an actual person, the portrait's personality is determined primarily by the perceptions of the painter. So the better the painter knows the subject, the more accurate the portrait's behaviour is likely to be. When casting this charm, first roll the painter's appropriate Background Skill (this would typically be Painting). The success level of this roll determines the maximum success level that can be achieved with the Living-Image Charm. So if the Painting roll results in a Good Success, the Charms roll will be a Good Success at most, even if an Amazing Success is rolled. This is due to the fact that the artist's skill and accurate depiction can limit how effective the charm can be.
Skill/Roll: Charms 6 / +roll Charms-2 Casting Time: Ten minutes
Training: Private study (40 Cookies) / 5th Year Arts Club (25 Cookies) Duration: Permanent
  • Success: The subject cannot leave the painting (though it can "hide" in the painting, such as going through a door), nor can it interact with anything or anyone outside of the painting. The subject will behave like a caricature of the real person, displaying the most obvious personality traits, sometimes greatly exaggerated.
  • Good Success: As above, but the subject is interactive, and behaviours are less exaggerated.
  • Great Success: As above, but the subject is capable of learning to behave like its real world counterpart, typically by observing and conversing with said counterpart (or, to a lesser extent, speaking with those that know the person well). The subject can also leave its painting to travel to other paintings nearby (usually limited to those in the same room).
  • Amazing Success: As above, but the subject can travel to any portrait depicting the same subject, effectively becoming the image in that painting. Often, this will lead to other portraits being empty, as the subject is only present in one at a time.
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