Memory Extraction Spell
hp.png Memory Extraction Spell "—" (—) Mind
This spell extracts a memory from the caster's mind. This does not remove the memory, but rather creates a copy of it. The memory appears as a small wisp of ethereal smoke, drawn out of the caster's temple with the tip of the wand. It can be stored in a bottle, or poured into a Pensieve for viewing. Extracted memories can be altered with a False Memory Charm. This spell is unlike most spells, in that it does not require an incantation (and suffers no penalty for non-verbal casting). But it does require a wand, and cannot be cast wandlessly. Extracted memories are fragile, and can easily be destroyed.
Skill/Roll: Glamers -3 Casting Time: One round
Training: Private study (20 Cookies) Duration: Permanent
Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 7
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