Post-Drop Charm
hp.png Post-Drop Charm "Subvectio" (sub-VEK-tee-oh)
A very common Charm (easily learned from a Ministry pamphlet) for identifying a residence or container as a post-drop, making the target a beacon for post owls looking to deliver letters and packages to any wizard living at the residence (or otherwise intended as a recipient for the drop box). A wizard can also attune the post-drop so the charm is only a beacon to certain owls. This charm can also be used on a letter or package to assign it to the listed address (but not a specific person), even if that address is not designated as a post-drop. Letters sent to Hogwarts students during the school year will be delivered to Hogwarts (delivered during the morning meal) unless specifically addressed to another post-drop.
Skill/Roll: Charms / +roll Charms Casting Time: One minute
Training: Private study (0 Cookies) Duration: Permanent
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