Protean Charm
hp.png Protean Charm "Proteus" (PROH-tee-us) Transformation
This spell magically links several identical objects (or near-identical objects, such as coins of the same type), with one of the objects designated as a "master," and the rest being "slaves." Whenever the master object is transfigured, all of the slaved objects will transfigure in the same way. Slaves also emit mild heat when being transfigured in this way.

Transfiguring the master requires a Transfiguration roll (no particular spell required for minor cosmetic changes; more complete transformations require an appropriate spell). The original caster of the Protean Charm may designate specific ways in which the master may be transfigured. Finely tuned changes such as detailed text are impossible without a specific spell.

An object can only be subject to a single Protean Charm at a time. Similarly, a given caster can only have one Protean Charm active at any one time. Casting a new Protean Charm negates the first one.
Skill/Roll: Charms 7 / +roll Charms-3 Casting Time: Four minutes, plus one minute per slave created
Training: 7th Year Charms class Duration: Permanent
  • Success: Creates a master and one slave.
  • Good Success: Creates a master and up to three slaves.
  • Great Success: Creates a master and up to six slaves.
  • Amazing Success: Creates a master and up to ten slaves.
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