Revulsion Jinx
hp.png Revulsion Jinx "Relashio" (reh-LASH-ee-oh) Counter-spell
Forces a person or object to release its hold on something. If used against a living target, make an Opposed Roll against the target's Body + Fighting. Similarly, if used against magical bindings, the caster must achieve a greater success level than the original casting. Can be used as a counter-spell to Binding spells.
Skill/Roll: Charms / +roll Charms Casting Time: One round
Training: 4th Year Defense Against the Dark Arts class Duration: Instantaneous

On an Opposed Roll:

  • DRAW: The target feels the pull of the spell, but maintains their grip. If it is a living creature being gripped, it may make an Opposed Body + Fighting roll at -2 to escape.
  • Marginal Victory: The target is forced to release their grip.
  • Solid Victory: The target is forced to release, and is pushed back several steps.
  • Crushing Victory: The target is forced to release, and is knocked back several yards (+roll Body + Reaction to avoid being knocked prone).
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