Seize and Pull Charm
hp.png Seize and Pull Charm "Carpe Retractum" (KAR-pay reh-TRAK-tum) Movement
Creates a "rope" of light that can be whipped out to seize a target (thought it does not bind it), then whipped back with the intent is to pull the target to the caster, as a sort of cruder form of the Summoning Charm. The charm does not grant any additional strength to the caster, that could not be pulled with a normal rope cannot be pulled with this charm, either. If attempting to pull a moving target, such as a large creature, there is a serious risk of the wand being yanked from the caster's hand (likely requiring a Body + Reaction roll to keep hold of the wand long enough to release the spell), or even pulling the caster unceremoniously along with the target.
Skill/Roll: Charms / +roll Charms Casting Time: One round
Training: Third Year Charms class Duration: Until target is pulled or released
  • Embarrassing Failure: The wand is yanked from the caster's hand, flinging toward the target.
  • Failure: The rope misses entirely and dissipates.
  • Any Success: The target is successfully seized. If pulled through the air, +roll Reaction + Body to catch the pulled target.
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