Shield Charm, Apotropaic
hp.png Shield Charm, Apotropaic "Protego Horribilis" (proh-TAY-goh hor-ih-BIL-lus) Protection
A specialized shield charm that grants the target protection from the Dark Arts. The protection is applied as a bonus to any rolls to resist the effects of Dark magic, and the powers of Dark creatures. This spell can be cast on other lasting spell effects (e.g. an Area Shield Charm) to bolster them against the Dark Arts. This spell cannot be cast by Dark wizards. An individual wizard may only have one Apotropaic Shield Charm active at any one time. Bonuses from multiple castings of this spell on the same target do not stack; only the highest bonus applies.
Skill/Roll: Dark Defense 8 / +roll Dark Defense-4 Casting Time: Five minutes
Training: M.L.E. Auror training (20 Cookies; one month) / Private study (40 Cookies; two months) Duration: One scene
  • Success: Provides +1 protection.
  • Good Success: Provides +2 protection.
  • Great Success: Provides +3 protection.
  • Amazing Success: Provides +5 protection.
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