Shrubbery Jinx
hp.png Shrubbery Jinx "Florafors" (FLOR-uh-forz) Plant • Transformation
Transforms a target into a plant. The size of the plant affects the difficulty of the spell. A man-sized plant
Skill/Roll: Transfiguration -5 Casting Time: One round
Training: 6th Year Transfiguration class Duration: Varies with success level
  • Embarrassing Failure: Look out! Something nearby is transformed into a Whomping Willow (or similarly dangerous plant to be around) for three rounds. Good luck.
  • Failure: Fizzle. Nothing happens.
  • Success: Target is transformed into
  • Good Success: {$good}
  • Great Success: {$great}
  • Amazing Success: {$amazing}
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