Spirit Rope
hp.png Spirit Rope "Spiritus Ligus" (SPIH-reh-tus LEE-gus) Binding
This spell produces a "rope" of orange light that attempts to wrap around a spirit, physically binding it. If successful, the wizard can move the spirit at a walking pace by dragging it through the air. This spell is more effective on spirits already bound in a Spirit Rope. The caster gains +1 to the roll for every Spirit Rope already successfully binding the target.
Skill/Roll: Charms 5 / +roll <Caster> Charms vs <Spirit> Presence+Fighting Casting Time: One round
Training: R.C.M.C. Spirit Division training / Private study (10 Cookies) Duration: Concentration
  • Embarrassing Failure: The burst of spiritual energy attracts nearby spirits to the caster, most likely looking to deal with the threat.
  • Failure: A miss, and probably an angry spirit.

On an Opposed Roll:

  • DRAW: The spirit is struck by the rope, but not bound.
  • Marginal Victory: The rope catches the spirit, but just barely. The spirit may attempt to escape on its turn by with +roll Presence + Body.
  • Solid Victory: The rope gets a firm hold on the spirit. The spirit may attempt to escape on its turn by with +roll Presence + Body -2.
  • Crushing Victory: The rope firmly binds the spirit. The spirit may not attempt to escape.
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