Sweeping Charm
hp.png Sweeping Charm "Purgo Tabulato" (PER-goh tah-boo-LAH-toh) Movement
Causes a broom or mop to animate under its own power to perform its function and clean the floor of an indicated room. Brooms will create piles of dust and debris, unless provides dustpans, bins, or an aperture to sweep out through. Mops require a nearby source of water. It is a more difficult charm than it might seem, due to the potentially serious consequences of miscasting it.
Skill/Roll: Charms 4 / +roll Charms-1 Casting Time: One round
Training: 4th Year Domestics Club (3 Cookies) / Private study (6 Cookies) Duration: Until task is complete
  • Embarrassing Failure: It works. Oh boy, does it work. The effects are permanent until dispelled (requiring no less than a Great Success to achieve). The animated appliance is far too assiduous in its activity. Brooms scour away carpet, deface floorboards, or wear themselves to nubs on flagstones. Mops go so overboard that minor flooding can occur (and will even seek out new water sources if theirs are depleted).
  • Failure: Do it yourself.
  • Any Success: The indicated room is cleaned. The better the success, the faster the work is done and the more intelligently the appliance functions.
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