Switching Spell, Lesser
hp.png Switching Spell, Lesser "Permuto" (pair-MOO-toh) Transformation
Switches are partial transformations in which the features of two targets are swapped for one another. Switching Spells must effectively be cast twice — once on each target to be switched, but only roll for the second one — and both spells must be cast in the same scene. The effect only takes place after the second Switching Spell is cast. If either target is untransfigured, both are. The Lesser Switching Spell can be used for switches on Tiny (or smaller) unintelligent targets. Targets may be a specific part of a larger thing, such as a nose or cup handle. Cross-species switches (switching features between two different living creatures) are not possible with this spell.

The following roll modifiers apply. All modifiers are cumulative.
• -1 if one of the targets is a living creature.
• -2 if either of the features being switched has moving parts.
Skill/Roll: Transfiguration / +roll Transfiguration Casting Time: Two+ rounds (one per casting)
Training: 2nd Year Transfiguration class Duration: Varies with success level
  • Embarrassing Failure: The transformation is incorrect, either switching the wrong part, or affecting the caster.
  • Failure: The spells fizzles, and nothing happens.
  • Success: The transformation lasts for a scene, unless untransfigured.
  • Good Success: The transformation lasts for twelve hours, unless untransfigured.
  • Great Success: The transformation lasts for twenty-four hours, unless untransfigured.
  • Amazing Success: The transformation lasts for a week, unless untransfigured.
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