Transformation Repair Spell
hp.png Transformation Repair Spell "Reparifarge" (reh-PAIR-uh-farj) Counter-spell • Transformation
A general untransfiguration spell to reverse the effects of botched Transformation spells. Though taught in First Year Transfiguration, it is generally not mastered until much later.

The following roll modifiers apply. All modifiers are cumulative.
• +2 if the target and original form share a common quality, such as name*, shape, function, or material.
• +1 if the caster knows the spell that was originally used to transfigure the target.
• -1 if the target was (or has become) a living creature.
• -1 for trans-species transformation (transfiguring one living creature into another).
• -1 if the shape being untransfigured from has moving parts.
• -1 to transmute target from one state of matter to another (e.g. solid to gas, liquid to solid, etc.).**

*Odd as it sounds, it is easier to transform a target into something with a similar name (e.g. guinea pig to guinea fowl, toadstool to footstool), and therefore easier to untransfigure such a target back to its original shape.
Skill/Roll: Transfiguration 5 / +roll Transfiguration-1 Casting Time: One round
Training: 1st Year Transfiguration class Duration: Permanent
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