Transformation Spell, Complex
hp.png Transformation Spell, Complex "-fors" (-fors) Transformation
The Complex Transformation Spell can be used to fully transform a Medium (or smaller) unintelligent target into something else of Medium (or smaller) size. Partial transformations are not possible, except as a result of the spell going awry.

The following roll modifiers apply. All modifiers are cumulative.
• +2 if the target and final form share a common quality, such as name*, shape, function, or material.
• -1 if the target is (or will become) a living creature.
• -1 for trans-species transformation (transfiguring one living creature into another).
• -2 if the shape being changed into has moving parts.

*Odd as it sounds, it is easier to transform a target into something with a similar name (e.g. guinea pig to guinea fowl, toadstool to footstool)

The prefix for this spell's incantation can vary greatly, depending upon what the target is being transformed into. Usually it will be some derivative of the Latin name for the thing. For example, if turning the target into a chair, one might incant "Cathedrafors".
Skill/Roll: Transfiguration / +roll Transfiguration Casting Time: One round
Training: 4th Year Transfiguration class (requires Standard Transformation Spell) Duration: Varies with success level
  • Embarrassing Failure: The transformation is incomplete, or incorrect.
  • Failure: The spells fizzles, and nothing happens.
  • Success: The transformation lasts for twelve hours, unless untransfigured.
  • Good Success: The transformation lasts for twenty-four hours, unless untransfigured.
  • Great Success: The transformation lasts for a week, unless untransfigured.
  • Amazing Success: The transformation lasts for a month, unless untransfigured.
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