Vanishing Spell
hp.png Vanishing Spell "Evanesco" (eh-vah-NES-koh) Vanishment
That very complicated spell causes an object or creature to vanish from existence. The spell becomes more difficult with the complexity of the target to be vanished. It cannot be used on sentient beings, nor on targets of Huge or Massive size.
Skill/Roll: Conjuration 7 / +roll Conjuration-5 Casting Time: One round
Training: 5th Year Transfiguration class Duration: Permanent

Difficulty modifiers can vary by size and complexity.

Size — Use lowest applicable modifier Mod
Tiny target +2
Small target +1
Medium target -0
Large target -2
Complexity (Creature) — Use lowest applicable modifier Mod
Target is an invertebrate -1
Target is a non-mammalian vertebrate -2
Target is a mammal -3
Target is a magical beast -4
Complexity (Object) — Use lowest applicable modifier Mod
Target is multiple pieces fitted together (e.g. a sword, a desk) -1
Target has moving parts (e.g. a compass, a gun) -2
Target moves under its own power (e.g. a pocketwatch, an automobile) -3
Target is a magical artefact (e.g. a sneakoscope, a flying broom) -4
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