Wand-Lighting Charm
hp.png Wand-Lighting Charm "Lumos" (LOO-mohs) Light
Illuminates the caster's wand tip with an ambient white light, suitable for illuminating up to a ten-foot radius. Can also repel spectral foes such as Gytrashes and malevolent spirits.
Skill/Roll: Charms / +roll Charms+1 Casting Time: One round
Training: 1st Year Defense Against the Dark Arts class Duration: One scene

Some variants have been developed to change the color of the light:

  • Pink"Lumos Rosea" (LOO-mohs roh-SAY-ah)
  • Red"Lumos Rubeo" (LOO-mohs ROO-beh-oh)
  • Orange"Lumos Luteo" (LOO-mohs LOO-teh-oh)
  • Yellow"Lumos Flavus" (LOO-mohs FLAH-vus)
  • Green"Lumos Viridus" (LOO-mohs vuh-RID-us)
  • Blue"Lumos Caerulo" (LOO-mohs kah-ROO-loh)
  • Purple"Lumos Ostrinus" (LOO-mohs OS-tree-nus)
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