Spells by Training

This page lists the various spells in the game according to the training required to learn them. For full details on spells and how to interpret what the spells' statistics mean, see Spells.


Spells Taught at Hogwarts

Note that spells learned through clubs must be purchased with Cookies.

First Year Spells

Defense Against the Dark ArtsKnockback JinxWand-Extinguishing CharmWand-Lighting Charm
HerbologyGouging Spell

Arts ClubFlashing-Paint Charm

Second Year Spells

Defense Against the Dark ArtsDeflection CharmFreezing CharmJelly-Fingers Curse
HerbologyPlant-Growth Charm

Arts Club
Domestics ClubCleansing CharmIroning Charm
Duelling ClubDisarming Charm

Third Year Spells

Defense Against the Dark ArtsBoggart-Banishing SpellJelly-Legs JinxObscuring Charm
HerbologyTree-Moving Charm
Ancient RunesInscribing Charm

Arts ClubSinging Jinx
Duelling ClubFull Body-Bind Curse

Fourth Year Spells

Defense Against the Dark ArtsIncarceration JinxRevulsion JinxSiccing Jinx
Ancient Runes
Care of Magical CreaturesTalon-Clipping Charm

Arts Club
Domestics ClubSweeping Charm
Duelling ClubStunning Spell

Fifth Year Spells

Defense Against the Dark ArtsGeneral Counter-Spell, LesserJelly-Brain JinxStunning Spell
HerbologyDrought Charm
Ancient RunesIntruder Charm

Arts ClubLiving-Image Charm
Domestics ClubDefermentation Charm
Duelling ClubShield Charm

Sixth Year Spells

Defense Against the Dark ArtsDisarming CharmIntruder CharmShield Charm
HerbologySunbeam Spell
PotionsScarpin's Revelaspell
Ancient RunesFoe-Repelling CharmSpell Ward

Arts Club
Domestics Club
Duelling Club

Seventh Year Spells

Defense Against the Dark ArtsGeneral Counter-Spell, GreaterShield Charm, AreaSpell Ward
HerbologySunlight Spell

Arts Club
Domestics Club
Duelling Club


Spells Learned Through Professional Training


Ministry of Magic

Central Dept.Weather Magic Counter-Spell
D.M.E.Anti-Cheating Spell

St. Mungo's Healer Training

First YearAnti-Choking SpellPatch-Up Spell
Third YearBone-Mending Spell
Fourth YearShock SpellWound-Knitting Spell


Spells Learned Through Private Study

Note that spells learned through private study must be purchased with Cookies.

Private StudyAge LineAnti-Cheating SpellBat-Bogey HexBlood Flow HexBluebell FlamesBraking CharmBubble-Producing SpellChest-Opening CharmCleansing CharmCruciatus CurseDeletion SpellDishwashing SpellDisillusionment CharmDoor-Breaking SpellDoubling CharmDrying SpellEntrail-Expelling CurseExanimus CurseExorcism SpellExplosion CurseFire RopeFlagrante CurseFlashing-Paint CharmFlower-Conjuring SpellFlying CharmFountain of WineFour-Point SpellGubraithian FireHairstyling SpellHair-Thickening CharmHuman-Revealing SpellHurling HexImperius CurseInferus SpellInstant Scalping HexInvisibility CharmKilling CurseKnee-Reversal HexKnitting CharmLegilimency SpellLimbo MistLiving-Image CharmLock-Breaking SpellMemory CharmMemory Charm, FalseMemory Extraction SpellMuggle-Repelling CharmParchment-Sealing SpellPatch-Up SpellPatronus CharmPepper-Breath HexPestering JinxPost-Drop CharmPrior Incantato SpellScouring CharmSecret Message CharmShield Charm, ApotropaicSinging JinxSkin-Crawling CurseSlug-Vomiting CharmSmokescreen SpellSpell-Fire RuneSpell-Strengthening CharmSpirit RopeStealth Sensoring SpellStickfast HexStinging JinxSupersensory CharmSweeping CharmTeleportation SpellTransformation Spell, MasterTrip JinxVoice-Changing Charm
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