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Grandmotherly Healer
Portrayed by Angela Lansbury
Name: Madam Salomea Spleen
Birthday: June 9, 1857
Position: Hogwarts Matron (School Nurse)
Lineage: Half-Blood


The lines in this grandmotherly witch’s features show she is prone to warm smiles, but also quick to turn stern in the care of her patients. Her dark blue eyes are full of compassion and warmth more often than not. She stands a bit taller than the average witch, ready to tower over any disorderly student disturbing the peace of her infirmary. Over her short curls of pale gold, she wears a white nurse’s cap.

A pristine nurse’s apron covers a warm, salmon-pink dress that brings out the color of her rosy cheeks. The apron ties behind her in a large bow. A pendant watch dangles on her chest, just over her heart. On her surprisingly small feet, she wears an unsurprisingly sensible pair of shoes.


Salomea Spleen was born Salomea Gore, only child and daughter of pure-blood Healer Vitaenia Gore nee Tripe and her half-blood husband Healer Justin Gore. Salomea was obviously raise in a household that was both traditional and disciplined without being abusively so. Her mother of course broke with her families purist habits in marrying a half-blood wizard. It was more decorum and behavior that was instilled into the young daughter they raised to join the Healer ranks as they had.

Salomea was sorted into Hufflepuff when she went to Hogwarts. She was well liked and quite motherly and nurturing, even to the older students when she was just a first year. She took on Arithmancy and Divination as electives for the unexplained interested her greatly. If it weren't for the calling to become a healer Salomea would have probably become an Unspeakable, or at least she'd like to think so. In her Fifth Year she was given the honor of being a Hufflepuff Prefect. Her upbringing of decorum and dedication to her path kept Salomea from the frivolity of dating and boys throughout Hogwarts. In those years she often turned away quite the persistent boy that was in her year and house, Rueben Spleen. She focused on gaining good grades in her Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Charms NEWT courses. Over vacations and holidays after she was 16 she spent her time at St. Mungos volunteering in an apprenticeship. It became a lovely little tradition that the Gore's would gather in the hospital tea shop on the night of the actual holiday and have a small family tea together before they all went back to their duties.

Upon graduating she immediately went into Healer Training. Five years later Journeyman Healer Salomea Gore had a case that would change her life. The next day after during one of their family Teas when her mother was encouraging her to seek out something more than healing and consider a family of her own did a patient come into her care. An Auror, Rueben Spleen had been severely injured. In the months of nursing him back to health Salomea was taken with his charm and persistence he still had. Even weak as he was he'd still compliment her and flirt. He would take a few flowers that were meant for him and give them to her when she would come in during rounds. When the Healer-In-Charge caught Reuben kissing Salomea in his room, the young healer was disciplined and in her suspension Rueben and Salomea were married. In the end she declined to continue her training as after speaking with her husband they decided that they wished to start a family right away. With that decision Salomea chose to end her training and become a very qualified nurse.

Reuben and Salomea were extremely happy together. They had a large family and Rueben beat the odds of his profession's life expectancy and lived to see all of their children grow and marry. Only after their last child was married did time catch up and luck run out. In 1930 there was an incident and Reuben sacrificed himself to save a more fresh faced initiate. Salomea still wears her wedding ring to the day. She is so proud of him for his sacrifice. That young initiate is practically part of the family now.

With her children all grown and her husband gone, in 1931 Madame Salomea Spleen became the School Nurse at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A grandmother of sorts to all of the students. She 'raises' them much like she was raised. With decorum and discipline in mind, but with a blanket of grandmotherly love woven over it.


  • Compassionate
  • Healing Hands
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

She is a community NPC, which means please feel free to use her if you find your character in the hospital wing of Hogwarts.

When using Madam Spleen as a Community NPC, consider the following: Madam Spleen is a compassionate, grandmotherly woman. By the same token, she can be stern when necessary, but always in the interest of her patients' health. She always has a kind word ready, often accompanied by some token of wisdom or advice. She is a firm believer that a healer's duty is to tend to the spirit, as well as the body.


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Vitaenia Gore nee Tripe
Mother: Her mother taught her about the balance in decorum and discipline with love and spirit in mind. She misses her mother very much and has a picture of her mother and her on her desk at Hogwarts.


Justin Gore
Father: Her father was a very busy man, he loved his work and he loved his wife and he loved his daughter. There was no lack of love, he was just so busy saving lives that he didn't have much of a chance to have one himself. He passed away several years before Rueben did. Salomea often worried she disappointed her father when she stopped training and became a nurse and wife and mother. But Justin's last words were to her were, "I saved countless lives, but you were my greatest achievement." Salomea wears her father's pendant of the Gore family crest in his memory.


Reuben Spleen
Late Husband: She could not abide the persistent boy trying to get her attention at Hogwarts. But when they next met, he had grown and his charm and persistence had grown with him. She fell in love despite herself and Hospital regulations about courting with a patient. But he was well worth it and she can safely say that he is her soulmate.


Spleen Kids
Children: Justin and Salomea had many children and while they are all grown now, they've made her a grandmother. All of these children and grandchildren alike are open for creation.


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