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The Head in the Clouds
Portrayed by Dustin Hoffman
Name: Walter St. Cloud
Aliases: Wally
Birthday: October 1, 1888
Position: Chief of Mysteries
Lineage: Muggle-born


Though age has bent him in places, this man is not broken. He still stands with the surety and grace of knowledge and ability. He can hold his head high and retain a certain carriage that his position affords him. His hair is greyed, but still holds a hint of the dark brown is used to be. Time has thinned it, but only barely and the untamed locks fly away from his head, creating almost a halo around his features. It's clear he smiles easily, for the crows feet that edge his dark, yet alert and intelligent eyes. His nose is a bit bulbous and round, but it only lends further to the appearance of a cheery and optimistic man.


Walter St. Cloud was born to Muggle parents, the first of two children. At Hogwarts, he was sorted into Ravenclaw, where he excelled academically, though was perceived as something of an odd duck by his peers. He joined the Department of Mysteries sometime around the turn of the century, and apparently worked his way up in the ranks, until he was made Chief of Mysteries in 1930. As is typical of Unspeakables, little is known of his life after joining the Department of Mysteries.


  • Fascinated With Everything
  • Optimist
  • Occlumens
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Are you an Unspeakable? This man is your boss.


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Walter has often been seen chatting amiably with the Minister for Magic. It seems the two are on fairly good terms.

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