St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

St. Mungo's Healers

Adelphus Clover Dominic Felicity Jonothan Kahren Keenan Len Leon Sirawen Virg

The premiere wizard hospital in all of Britain, St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries is not only where most magical accidents, injuries, and maladies get treated, but also where healers learn their trade. Healers are not like Muggle doctors, and magical healing is entirely different from Muggle medicine.

Current Cases

The following cases can be found on the chalkboards throughout the hospital.

Healer Ranks


Orderlies are attendants on hand to assist with general, non-medical duties. Orderlies are not strictly healers, and are generally not training to become healers.
Requirements: Orderlies have no minimum Skill levels.

The badge worn by Apprentices until they earn their first specialty

Junior Apprentice

Junior Apprentice is the initiate rank for healers at St. Mungo's.
Robes: Yellow
Requirements: Junior Apprentices have no minimum Skill levels, but must complete seven years at Hogwarts with N.E.W.T.s in Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Charms.

Senior Apprentice

Robes: Yellow with forest green trim
Requirements: Two years of healer training at St. Mungo's


A Senior Apprentice that graduates can choose to end their healer training and become a Nurse.
Robes: Pink with white trim.
Requirements: Four years of healer training at St. Mungo's

Journeyman Healer

It is at the Journeyman Healer rank that a healer starts to specialize and earns the first badge.
Robes: Forest green
Requirements: Four years of healer training at St. Mungo's

Adept Healer

At the Adept Healer rank, a healer may choose a second specialty. Healers that wish to branch out and establish a private practice must achieve this rank.
Robes: Lime green
Requirements: Seven years of healer training at St. Mungo's; Specialty Skill at level 6

Master Healer

The highest rank a healer can achieve at St. Mungo's. The Master Healer currently heading up a given department is referred to as the "Healer-in-Charge." Any Master Healer in a given department can act as the Healer-in-Charge, but only one is ever on duty in that role at any given time.
Robes: Forest green with lime green trim
Requirements: Ten years of healer training at St. Mungo's; First Specialty Skill at level 9, second Specialty Skill at level 6



When one reaches the rank of Healer they can pick one specialty. Master Healers can pick another one, allowing for dual specializations.


Artefact Accidents

Healers deal with wands, brooms, cauldrons and other objects that in some manner malfunction or cause damage to the witch or wizard using them.

Patch: Cracked gold cauldron on black background
Specialty Skill: Artefact Lore

Healers with this Specialty:

Felicity Virg

Creature Induced Injuries

This can range from bites to stings to scratches or even just saliva damage. Anything that a creature can do to harm a person. Also deals with venoms and anti-venoms.

Patch: White fang on a red background
Specialty Skill: Creature Lore

Healers with this Specialty:

Felicity Kahren

Magical Bugs and Diseases

These healers specialize in the pathology of magical contagions.

Patch: Red bone and wand crossed on a blue background
Specialty Skill: Potions

Healers with this Specialty:

Adelphus Clover Virg

Potions and Plant Poisoning

Specialists in handling negative effects due to potions and herbological sources.

Patch: Green leaf on white background
Specialty Skill: Potions, Herbology

Healers with this Specialty:

Clover Kahren Keenan

Spell Damage

These Healers work on damage that is a direct result of a spell cast on a victim. It can be an unforgivable, or from incorrect casting, or any other way that a spell can have disastrous consequences on the body.

Patch: Purple lightning bolt on yellow background
Specialty Skill: Charms, Glamers

Healers with this Specialty:

Dominic Jonothan Keenan Leon

Midwife/Infant Care

Assist with pregnancies and make sure that infants have proper care and are healthy through the early stages.

Patch: White Stork on orange background
Specialty Skill: Midwifery

Healers with this Specialty:



Trauma Healers, also known as mediwizards/mediwitches, are the first responders of the wizarding world. They handle emergency cases in the hospital Trauma Ward, and travel to handle on-site injuries, stabilizing patients for transport to St. Mungo's.

Patch: Black wand and bone crossed on a white background
Specialty Skill: Awareness

Healers with this Specialty:

Adelphus Jonothan Leon

Long Term Care

On the Fourth Floor of St. Mungo's, along with the Spell Damage Ward, is the Long-Term Residence Ward, which is usually kept locked. This ward is for patients with permanent or long-lasting damage. It is generally thought of as a mental ward, because damage to the mind is the most difficult and lengthy to cure (if possible at all), so the ward is full of patients suffering from various mental disorders. But there are resident with more physical damage as well.

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