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Professor of Astronomy
Portrayed by Sarah Parish
Name: Hesper Starkey
Aliases: Hessie
Birthday: June 7th, 1881
Position: Professor of Astronomy
Lineage: Half-Blood


The woman holds a plain elegance about her from her long neck to her high cheekbones. Dark brown hair is pulled back in an elegant twist that lets a single tail fall down her back. A sparkle and glimmer of a hair adornment is held at the slight left of her head, making it appear as if a starburst were held there. She stands slightly over average height with a slender frame. She holds herself with an impressive The simple white gown is dressed with a high blooming color done with lace work and gilded threading that carries down to her neck. The open long sleeve falls near to the floor and the split front of her dress shows a second skirt beneath in additional lace and gilded thread.


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RP Hooks

  • Became Hogwarts Professor of Astronomy in the 1940-1941 school year.
  • In Luna Scientia - 'From the Moon, Knowlege' Professor Starkey has an interest in studying the Moon's effects on Potion crafting and use. Perhaps you have some relevant interest.
  • Hufflepuff Head of House: House business? Problem with one of her charges? Starkey is the Professor who is Head of House for Hufflepuffs. She is the character that handles matters if a student involved in an issue is a Hufflepuff.


  • Attentive to Detail
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Vesper Denbright nee Edgecombe
Mother: A noted Master of Potions, Mother Denbright is disappointed that her daughter has followed in her footsteps.


Daniel Denbright
Father: Father: While happy with his daughter's appointment to the Howarts Faculty, Father Denbright is not so sure about his son-in-law.


Astro Starkey
Husband: Her devoted husband not only dotes on her daughter but on his wife as well. With 'stars in his eyes' he can occasionally be found preparing her some surprise or another. Quite the romantic!




Headmaster: Born the same year, the two were classmates at Hogwarts and they knew each other as children for a number of years.


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