Portrayed by Sarah Bolger
Name: Susan Mairead Carmody
Aliases: Su
Birthday: 21 December, 1924
Position: Ravenclaw Prefect
Lineage: Half-blood

Any woman who is sure of her own wits, is a match, at any time, for a man who is not sure of his own temper.
Wilkie Collins, The Woman In White (1860)


A slim girl with luminous skin and clear, unfocused blue eyes, Susan carries herself with poise although her thoughts frequently seem to be elsewhere. She wears her brown hair in long waves down her back, and flipped in front of her shoulder. Standing about 5'4", she is slow to speak, but when she does her words carry the smooth tones of a refined Irish accent.


In the middle of the 1920s, Susan was born in County Kerry to Alice Carmody, a nice and perfectly ordinary Muggle woman who was housekeeper to a wealthy family in residence in a large manor house several miles outside Killarney, Ireland. The household in which she was born was presided over by Thomas Baring, Lord Cromer, an academic whose connections saw a steady stream of eclectic personages constantly through the house to enjoy the hospitality of his wife and himself. Presumably, it was one of these gentlemen of his acquaintance who was responsible for getting Miss Carmody with child. Certainly, at least, Lord Cromer seemed to feel some degree of responsibility for her plight, for despite the scandal when her condition became apparent, he declined to remove the housekeeper from her position but rather undertook to ensure not only that she retained her employment, but also took some philanthropic interest in the child as she began to grow up. As a child Susan was given access to the grounds of the estate as well as the sizable library on the premises, and the respectable tutelage she had alongside Lord Cromer's own children endowed her with a familiarity and interest in English and classical literature even before her magical aptitude began to make itself known. Although she is not wealthy in her own right, nor has any expectation in that regard, still her mother's employers' generosity has ensured that she has never known real want.


Ten and one quarter inches inches, holly, reasonably supple, with a unicorn hair core.



Dido, a gracious, elderly gray shorthaired housecat with golden eyes.


Only a few odd and inexplicable moments had manifested themselves in Susan's early childhood, and these occasions were easily brushed aside in a busy household where everyone had far more important things to worry about. For Susan, raised with fairy stories and mythology readily to hand, these happenings seemed not unusual and she accepted them serenely. She found it quite a shock to be informed that she did, indeed, possess a rare aptitude, and one she must keep secret from the rest of the Muggle world. Her transition to Hogwarts was carried out smoothly and without fuss by a brisk woman who seemed to be offering little more than a good chance for a charity education for a bright girl with poor prospects, and Susan understands that her mother must never know the nature of her current life. Susan's course of study at Hogwarts has tended to gravitate toward history and sociological studies, as she is keenly aware of both her status as a Muggle-born and the reality that the Muggle world is unwittingly vulnerable against the currents that are swirling through Wizarding society.


Bookworm All her life, Susan's constant companions have been books. When she's feeling a little disconnected from the social activities around her, books are always there for her - and they're filled with reams of useful information, too. She tends to have one or two about her person most of the time, just in case she needs to retreat.
Idealist Susan has been known to be unrealistic now and then, letting her ideals outweigh the reality of the situations in which she finds herself.
Distracted Susan's mind is always whirring, and a good deal of the time she tunes out her physical environment to focus on some idea or thought that's captured her attention.
Illegitimate Susan's bastard birth is a shameful scandal and she keeps the knowledge quietly to herself. It colors her behavior, however, especially when she worries that it will be the one thing people remember about her.
Wealth: Comfortable Susan's mother is housekeeper for a wealthy family in Ireland. Although the two of them are not well off, Susan is familiar with the trappings of luxury from her upbringing there, and has never seriously wanted for anything.

RP Hooks

Unknown Father Susan's father had some kind of passing relationship with her mother that left her unmarried, yet pregnant. Since her mother otherwise seems to be a fairly upright sort, she assumes her father had to be a cad or there may be more to this story that her mother has seen fit not to share. Her mother is as Muggle as they come, and everyone assumes that she is completely Muggle-born, but it's possible that her paternal lineage carried wizarding into her bloodline, isn't it? The ambiguity of her lineage niggles at her, but ultimately it doesn't really matter. Still, she always has an ear open, just in case some hint of the truth reveals itself.
Muggle Studies Susan considers Muggle Studies to be her best subject, and not only because she was raised as a Muggle until she entered Hogwarts. Since that time she's spent a lot of time studying Muggle/Wizard relations, and has some opinions and insights into these fields that are becoming more and more relevant in the current political climate.

School Performance

Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy E A A A E
Charms O O E E A
Defense Against the Dark Arts A E A A A
Herbology A A A A A
History of Magic O O O O O
Potions E E E A E
Transfiguration O O E O E
Muggle Studies O O O
Study of Ancient Runes E E E
Broomflying A


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Father: Susan really doesn't know anything about her father, save that he visited Killarney, Ireland sometime in the spring of 1924. Was he a rogue, or a seducer, or something else entirely? Was he a wizard at all? She doubts she'll ever meet him to find out.


Alice Carmody
Mother: Susan's Mum is a pleasant, hardworking sort of woman, with an abiding sense of reverence. She taught Susan a lasting respect for the people who made sure that she was clothed and fed and educated, for without their consideration her childhood would have been a rather wretched thing indeed. Susan knows she can't tell her mother about her Wizard life, and now that she is nearing adulthood, their roles have reversed somewhat, with Susan feeling a sort of protectiveness toward her mother.


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