The Professional
Portrayed by Liam Neeson
Name: Brendan Sweeney
Aliases: Sweene, The Bulldog, The Sweeper, The Cleaner, Sweene the Shank, The Hatchet, The Kilkenny Killer
Birthday: Mar 30, 1890
Position: Criminal
Lineage: Squib
Sweeney's great equalizer; a wood-handled deer-skinning knife.

"Someone's got to be around to make sure the criminals around this town keep themselves to a certain standard. For Muggles, I use a knife. For wizards, I use the same knife." - Brendan Sweeney


Tall, built, scary. These words describe the man standing before you. Though scary could easily be replaced with just intense. He stands at five feet eleven inches and carries a strong build. Shoulders that look like they could hold up the world. His age has carved deep lines into his otherwise handsome face. His dark red hair is peppered with grey and his eyes carry the weight of everything he's seen. He's dressed in a fine-cut, Italian suit made of the finest silk over a crisp, white button-down shirt. His hands are often covered in black, leather gloves. When he speaks it is with a harsh tone wrapped in a deep, subtle, Irish accent.


Sweeney: The man you call when you need things done. Raised by a family of wizards and subsequently cast aside by them because of his lack of magical ability, Brendan Sweeney grew up the hard way; on the streets. Moving from orphanages and foster homes because of his temper and all-around bad outlook on life, Sweeney quickly took to a life of crime. Pickpocketing here and there for food money, with the occasional shell-game thrown in. Sweeney was taken in by Piero Montague and taught the tricks of the criminal trade. Sweeney took his first life when he was but 18 years old. It didn't corrupt him, or shy him away, though. He knew the man, who was an old rival of Piero's, had to be killed to sustain the family's strength.

As he grew older, Brendan garnered a sort of reputation as one that Piero could rely on to do his dirty work. No questions asked. If he gave him an order, Sweeney would follow it through until he was either in jail or successful. Sometimes both. Once Wolfgang was born, Sweeney had the added role of looking out for the boy, becoming a sort of nanny with a gun. Sweeney preferred the term guardian angel, but what can you do? As the child grew older, the two developed a kind of uncle/nephew relationship.

When Wolfgang became his own little crimelord, Piero told Sweeney to install himself within the organization and help the boy along. Brendan has become Wolfgang's right hand man, making sure to keep him out of too much trouble. He does this, not so much because Piero told him too, but because he has a soft-spot for Wolfgang and wants to see him succeed.

RP Hooks

  • Need someone to crack a few heads for you? Maybe you can find Sweeney.
  • Want to discuss Bach's various suites with a trained killer? Sweeney loves classical music.
  • Are you a criminal who's stepping way too far out of line? You might have to deal with Sweeney.


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  • Harsh
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Infamous in the Underworld



The Kid - Sweeney cares about Wolfgang more than his own father does, it would seem. Presented as a 'gift' to the boy when he gained his own little criminal empire, Sweeney is the one who keeps things from showing up of Wolfgang's front door.


The Inspector - Tough son of a bitch. He has a lot to learn, though. It's too bad he's not a dirty cop, because the two of them could have probably been friends. Too bad about what happened to his wife.


A kind woman. Invited Brendan into her house after a failed flower delivery. He'll have to keep an eye on that bunch of Hoxton hooligans to make sure she stays safe.


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