Social Butterfly
Portrayed by Ginta Lapina
Name: Sybil Renee Pyrites
Aliases: Sybs, Billie
Birthday: Aug 26
Position: Agent: Office of Misinformation
Lineage: Pure-blood


Sybil's five-foot three frame is topped with a sleek fall of lightest platinum blonde hair which hangs like spun silk to the small of her back. Her complexion is pale ivory, allowing the sweep and flush of every emotion to show on her countenance, the shade complementing eyes of a startling ice blue which tilt towards the outer edges to give an exotic caste to her features. Her mouth is generous, soft and wide, the upper curve enhanced by a cupid's bow that only deepens when she smiles.


Sybil is the youngest of three born to Florinus Pyrites and Analissa Selwyn. Anders and Anton are twins and three years her senior. The two golden-haired brothers often took care of their baby sister as a child and Sybil formed a strong bond with them and it was no secret that she was spoiled absolutely rotten by them. Her magic manifested early and she was doted upon as the youngest and only girl. She was always interested in learning, this included general knowledge and learning about people. She was a very social child and loved to talk with both others of her age and adults alike, though she would listen when needed and loved to people-watch and observe how different people worked. She studied wizard lore and was tutored in the social arts of dancing and singing, something that would stand her in good stead as a Pyrites.

With her love of learning it was no real surprise that she was sorted into Ravenclaw when she arrived at Hogwarts two years after her brothers who were also within that house. She joined both the Art Club and the Domestic Cub in her first year, and took up sketching to pass the time between classes. She proved competent in her charms and potions classes and surprisingly to some, history also. When the time came to pick electives, she chose Divination and Muggle Studies. The latter was chosen as she didn't really know what to think of muggle-borns and had a low opinion in general of muggles. As for divination, she had always felt drawn to that for its mystery and it was a subject which she found she had an empathy for. Over her first five years at the school, she gained a reputation for hosting wonderful parties and social events and she was someone that others would often turn to when planning events of their own. If people wanted to know what the latest news was, or the gossip on who was in trouble or who was the latest tragedy of heartbreak, they'd often seek her out. It wasn't that she was a terrible gossip, she just had her finger on the school's pulse and her ear to the ground.

In her sixth year at Hogwarts, she is known as a confident and personable young witch, and though she's dealing with the loss of her brothers to the wider world, she was looking forward to the challenges that will come her way. With her love of learning and knack for knowing how to put people at ease it seemed only natural that she'd start thinking about a career in healing, and with that in mind she's set herself on the difficult path of obtaining the necessary grades in the requisite N.E.W.Ts.

On her seventh year, Sybil has been accepted in a rare opportunity to be an apprentice in the Office of Misinformation that is attached to the M.A.C..

And now, Sybil is a full-fledged agent in the Office of Misinformation, taking care of problems creatively which other departments can't. It gives her privileged access to Muggle powerhouses and Wizarding folk alike, and it looks as though the Pyrites charm and smile can smooth many issues.

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Eleven inches, maple, reasonably supple, with a unicorn hair core.



Florence, or Florrie, is a short-eared owl who came with Sybil when she first arrived at Hogwarts. She's a sucker for mouse treats and is often the willing go-between for carefully penned notes between Sybil and her latest beau.



Gerald gave Sybil a red-tinted pearl on a silver chain for Valentine's Day. Its unique and beautiful and Gerald apparently nearly bled to death trying to get it from it's shell. He was keeping it until he found something to do with it, Sybil's apparently something.



Sometimes when Sybil wears a dress that shows her neckline, one can see an interesting pendant that glows with what can be described as cool moonlight, catching the eye. It even has an engraving should one stare long enough, but that'd just be rude.

  • Ravenclaw Alumnus: Sybil is quite proud of being a Ravenclaw, and the social interactions she did at Hogwarts often seems to break the ice with people she meets in passing.
  • Semi-Purist Pure-Blood: Muggle-borns are fairly low in her mind, and she isn’t sure what to think of Muggles except that pure-blood wizards have a clear advantage over others and that they ought to use their powers to protect both the Wizarding and the Muggle world. With power comes responsibility!
  • Social Butterfly: The Pyrites family are known as these, and Sybil’s no different. She knows all the best people and all the best places, and often is invited (or seems to crash) all sorts of events. Have something you want people to know about? Invite her!
  • Natural Born Flirt: It’s in the blood.
  • Divination: Sybil seems to have a natural talent in this area and finds it fascinating to study. She sometimes even holds tea readings.
  • N.E.W.Ts: She did four! Charms, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration.
  • Fashion: She loves it. She lives it! She can't help but dress the best and comment on what you're wearing.
  • Tasseomancy: She's great at deciphering the tea leaves, and on occasion will actually hold readings at the posh Cafe Tasseo. Perhaps you have a question or problem that needs delving in to find the answers?
  • Knows People/Connected: As a popular Pyrites and working in the Office of Misinformation, Sybil seems to have connections. Do you need something done? Need a message passed? Sybil is your witch.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Flirt
  • Nosy
  • Posh


The Gilded Gables


Logs featuring Sybil Logs that refer to Sybil



Chief/Office of Misinformation/MAC
A pure-blood who enjoys mixing it up with muggles, and seems fascinated by their world. His curiosity leads him to many interesting opportunities and challenges, and Sybil is of course right there to help fix the unfixable.


Ranger-Trainee/Beast Division/RCMC
Of course a half-blood friend would come from the Hufflepuffs, they're so peculiar. But how could Sybil be cool and distant to a boy with such amazingly blue eyes and not too shabby in quidditch? The two on occasion talk, although it seems the Pyrites doesn't share completely Levi's viewpoints on quite a few subjects but if she upsets him, it seems to be pushed aside with one of her trademark smiles. Opposites are so much fun!


Senior Reversal Wizard/Accidental Magic Reversal Squad/MAC
Sybil often will be in the presence of Regulus when they're working on solving and fixing problems. He's an incredible wizard and a very intelligent, handsome gentleman. The can be seen sometimes spending tea after work.



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