This character is retired, and is no longer in play. After his divorce, Takeshi moved to Japan.

The Timid Healer
Portrayed by Kanata Hongo
Name: Takeshi Odori
Aliases: Teshi
Birthday: May 23, 1920
Position: Healer
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Eleven inches, rosewood, rigid, with a phoenix feather core.


Takeshi did not always want a pet, but he now has one; an owl named Aeric.



Takeshi Odori, is a lithe young man, standing at about five feet five inches tall. He has a slim yet toned build for someone his size. He appears to be in his late teens and of Asian ethnicity. His dark black hair cascades wildly down his face, giving him the appearance of just crawling out of bed, but it is obvious that he spent a good deal of time on it. His almond eyes are dark brown, and give off an air of warm and pleasant. His skin is smooth and has a soft yellow tint to it. His round face is cleanly shaven with attractive features.

At the moment Takeshi is wearing Junior Apprentice robes for St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. It is very hard to misplace a Junior Apprentice by the bright yellow colouring of their robes. The sleeves of the robes are fitted from the cuff around the wrist to just below the elbow so they don't get in the way of the Healer's work. Above the elbow they loosen to a light billow until they gather at the shoulder. The robes are just loose enough to cover the Healer's clothes beneath them, but they are covered completely. A Manchurian collar and off to the right side fastening creates a smooth torso that sheaths down to the ankle in the bottom portion of the robes. Enchantments on the soft cotton fabric make the robes very easy to clean. Over the Healer's heart is the emblem of the Hospital with room around it for other badges.


The Shame

Takeshi Odori was born in the UK after his pure-blood family moved from Japan to London for work opportunities. His family had always been very strict and demanding of him, wishing to see him to become a world-class wizard like so many of the Odori line. Takeshi's primary path has always been in the healing arts, taking great joy in tending to the health of others. His father, Saburo, views this path as a disgrace to the family name, feeling that Healers are largely inept and useless, and that any wizard can easily learn the magic necessary to tend injury and illness.

The Obsession

Some of Saburo's distaste for Healers comes from Takeshi himself — or rather, Takeshi's condition. Having suffered from an obsessive-compulsive disorder his entire life, Takeshi has an unquenchable need for things to be in perfect order. Books must be in alphabetical order on shelves, pictures must sit perfectly centered in their frames, and so on. In some ways, Takeshi's need for precision and uniformity helped him become a better student. But when things weren't as he felt they should be, he had great difficulty concentrating on anything but the imperfections. Saburo consulted Healers from St. Mungo's to Japan to the United States. None could cure his son — a situation Saburo found intolerable.

The Healer

Despite tensions with his father, Takeshi didn't have a bad life. Saburo's position as a department editor at the Daily Prophet provided well for the family. His days at Hogwarts were fair, and he found that he did particularly well in Defence Against the Dark Arts. Naturally, he focused primarily on counter-curses and similar spells that would assist him as a Healer. Though his father never truly came around, his mother, Yuko, has always been more or less supportive. In her eyes, as long as he achieved high marks, Takeshi could do as he pleased. Having done quite well in his N.E.W.T.s, he did exactly that, entering into Healer training at St. Mungo's after graduation.


  • OCD: Takeshi suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, sometimes things need to be perfectly centered, sometimes things need to be done, 4 or 16 times. His OCD comes in waves, some days worse then others.
    • Shy: Takeshi doesn't do well with new people, this comes from his OCD, a lot of people are not understanding of it, thus he has become rather shy, at first he might struggle for words, though if it gets bad enough, he might just go completely silent.
  • Green Thumb: Takeshi has a green thumb, if it can grow, he can grow it. Doesn't matter how bad it looks, he can probably save it. His biggest accomplishment currently is the Japanese Garden behind his home.
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do: Takeshi has been taught to spend wisely and has created a diverse portfolio over the years to aide in his income as a Junior Apprentice.

RP Hooks

  • Healer: Takeshi is a Junior Apprentice at St. Mungo's, chances are if you go there you might just bump into this timid yellow robe wearing guy.
  • Tutor: Takeshi has been known to tutor a student or two in Charms, Potions, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts and History. If you or your kid needs a Tutor, Takeshi is your guy.
  • Sketcher: Takeshi likes to draw, he likes to sketch. You may at times catch him at various locations his a sketchbook in had, often times if you ask nicely and don't scare this timid healer, he will do a quick sketch for you.
  • Origami: Takeshi first started to learn this for fun, but quickly found out that taking a moment and focusing on creating a piece of Origami, helps his OCD. You might seem him randomly making animals and such, something not often done in Britain.
  • Ikebana: Takeshi loves his gardens and with that Green Thumb of his, loves practicing the disciplined art form of ikebana, often times after the weekends at St. Mungo's the most critical patients at St. Mungo's have one of Takeshi's ikebana arrangements by their bedsides. If you really make an impression on him, he may also be inclined to give you one as a gift.
  • Woodworking: Takeshi has a woodworking workshop behind his home, tucked away in his Garden. Every bit of wooden furniture or accent piece in his garden was made there, by hand. This OCD allows him to create amazing pieces, though if you request one from him, expect it to be long delayed, since his perfectionism can seriously delay the process.
  • Chess: Takeshi likes a good game of chess, though he is not the best at it, he will certainly give you a game if you ask.
  • Literature: Takeshi likes a good read, he is not into heavy analytic or symbolic works. Sit him down with a light hearted comedy though and you got him.
  • Class of 1938: Takeshi Graduated from Hogwarts in 1938, in the top fifteen percent of his class.
    • Electives: Arithmancy and Ancient Runes
    • NEWT Classes: Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Charms, and Defence Against the Dark Arts.


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My ex-wife. I never realized how much I truly needed her til recently. I can not explain to anyone, how badly I need her in my life. I will call her my wife for the rest of our lives, she is truly the most amazing women I have ever met and will always have my full support. What have I done?

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