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Family Above All
Portrayed by Cody Allen Christian
Name: Tarquin Aurelius Bulstrode
Aliases: Quin
Birthday: May 05
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Standing a few inches under six feet, this young man carries himself with dignity and poise. His light brown hair is short and neatly styled. Strong eyebrows of the same color frame his clear, hazel eyes. A firm squared chin shows signs of a light stubble, helping create the image of a serious, unyielding young man. There is a softness to his eyes, however, that hints at depths of emotion that aren't always shown in the rest of his features. He is in great shape, and while he's not overly muscular, he seems quite agile.

At the moment Tarquin is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the yellow and black colouring he must have sorted into House Hufflepuff. A grey vest edged in yellow and black covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a yellow tie with narrow black stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching grey trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Hufflepuff Yellow fabric, unadorned except for a black badger standing rampant over a yellow background with black 'ermine tufts' sewn over the heart.


Tarquin Aurelius Bulstrode is the eldest of three children, two sons and a daughter, born to Thaddeus Caius Bulstrode and Beatryce Bulstrode nee Selwyn, and the heir of a wealthy line of the sacred pure-blooded Bulstrode family. His father, a successful curse-breaker and a Hogwarts alumni sorted into Slytherin, expected Tarquin to follow in his footsteps and Tarquin, whose love and loyalty to his family knows no bounds, intended to do so. Yet fate had other plans, and he was sorted into Hufflepuff instead, in great part due to Tarquin's capacity for steadfast loyalty. While he loves Laurelia, his little sister, dearly, and she loves him just as much, his relationship with his brother is strained, even though he cares about him deeply.

At first, Tarquin was confused and unhappy with his sorting, but over time found the stereotypes about the house to be without merit. Rather than untalented wizards, he found loyal hard working friends. His desire to not let his father down again fueled his dedication and led to his choosing of Ancient Runes and Arithmancy as his two electives during his third year, in order to prepare himself to try and become a curse-breaker after graduation. His successful O.W.L.s scores pushed him on, allowing him to take N.E.W.Ts courses on Ancient Runes, Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration and Charms. With such a busy schedule, he's found it hard to enjoy extra-curricular activities, but he's remained a Duelling Club member over the years.


13 inches, Cedar, Unyielding, with a Unicorn Hair core.


Grumples is one of the many strays taken in by Adorabella. She gave him to Tarquin as a gift during one of his birthdays, and while he's quite the grumpy cat, he gets along with two people. Adorabella and Tarquin's sister. Grumples tolerates Tarquin, but just barely. Still, Tarquin is very fond of the grumpy cat, and enjoys holding it, whenever it allows Tarquin to pet it.

Usually stoic and serious, he has retained the childhood appeal that the romance and legend surrounding the curse-breakers once held. As a child he devoured such stories, so following on his father's footsteps has been easy. He remains as loyal to his family and friends as ever, stubborn to a fault, and while he has purist views, he is less extreme than some. Believing in the separation of the pure from the half and the muggleborn bloodlines, but accepting there is a place perhaps for the lesser wizards. Current events in the wizarding world have concerned him, and if anything were to threaten family and those close to him? It will be dealt with swiftly and without hesitation. Family above all, those are the words that have ruled his life.

RP Hooks

  • Duelling - Tarquin enjoys duelling and is an active member of the Duelling Club.
  • Curse-breaking - His father is a well-known curse-breaker, as Tarquin hopes to be.
  • Adventure Novels - Tarquin grew up reading stories about curse-breakers so he's all about the legends, the adventure, the romance.
  • Family Ties - If you're part of his family, Tarquin will always bat for you.
  • Purist - Tarquin believes in the superiority of pure-blood wizards. However his views aren't too extreme and he believes there is a place for half-blood and muggle-born wizards, as long as they don't try to meddle in pure-blood affairs.
  • ELECTIVES: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy
  • N.E.W.T.s: Ancient Runes, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, Charms
  • CLUBS: Duelling


  • Loyalty: Family
  • Code of Honor: Keeps Word
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Stubborn
  • Chivalrous


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Thaddeus Caius Bulstrode
Thaddeus is a well-known curse-breaker and supporter of purist beliefs. It was his hope that all his children would end up sorted into Slytherin, but it just didn't go that way. Tarquin was sorted instead into Hufflepuff, and became a source of disappointment to be then followed by his younger daughter, Laurelia, also sorted into Hufflepuff. While Tarquin has tried time and time again to gain his father's approval, things remain strained and Thaddeus is holding judgment on his son, until the boy graduates.


Beatryce Bulstrode (neé Selwyn)
A social butterfly, Beatryce is the complete opposite of Thaddeus. She's sweet and caring and very involved in her social work. Tarquin has lost track of all the committees she's currently part of. She enjoys writing to his cousin Adorabella, often keeping tabs on him through her.


Beloved Sister
Laurelia is Tarquin's younger sister, his little princess that is to be treasured, protected and kept safe. They are very close, and he just couldn't imagine life without her love and support. There is nothing that he wouldn't do for her, be it protect her from their brother, or make sure that anyone getting too close to her, meets his very demanding expectations. In turn, he keeps no secrets from her, often baring his soul to her, whenever he feels burdened.


??? Bulstrode
Reckless Brother
Tarquin's youngest sibling is considered by many to be a menace. Laurelia certainly seems to hate him, and the feeling appears to be mutual. Their mother loves him, but she loves everyone and their father, well, he is just a bit proud of his youngest son's ruthlessness, even if he tries to hide it. But Tarquin? Tarquin loves his brother, perhaps not in the same way he loves his sister, but he feels that he can be redeemed and in the end, he is family and Tarquin would never turn his back on family.


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