Character Information
Portrayed by Kris Marshall
Name: Tasciovanus Burke
Aliases: Tash
Birthday: March 14th, 1909
Position: Hogwarts Morale Officer
Lineage: Pure-blood


A tall man, topping six feet, a mop of unruly straw-blonde hair parted messily on the left crowns him, shaggily cut down over the ears and longish in the back. He has a broad forehead, wide blue eyes and a snub nose. His frequent, broad smiles show perfectly white teeth, and the smile is made even more magnetic by his dimples and deep laugh lines. Everything about him has a certain sense of length to it — a long oval face, a long neck, and a long body with proportional limbs.

He is wearing sensible robes which are neither flashy nor shabby. Black robes are worn over a white shirt, with black pants and shoes. In contrast to his blacks and whites, his necktie is always some bright, cold colour, often with an outlandishly loud pattern.


The middle child of the Burke family, Tasciovanus was neither as doted upon as his little sister, nor as pressured to succeed as his elder brother. In fact, he was largely left to his own device…except when he would mess things up, which was more often than anyone in the family would care to admit.

Though Tash, as he prefers to be called, finished seven years at Hogwarts, his NEWT scores never exceeded Acceptable, and didn't qualify him for any exceptional positions. Despite this, his mother would frequently cajole her brother, Sirius Black, into pulling strings to get him positions at the Ministry, or in the businesses of friends. Inevitably, he would spend half a year or so at a given job, only to quit after he "didn't feel it" anymore. This has made Tash a jack of all trades, but master of none.


  • Enthusiastic
  • Jack-of-All-Trades
  • Generous
  • Credulous
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Tash has worked nearly every conceivable job out there. There's a good chance you were once a co-worker!
  • Extremely outgoing and friendly, always happy to lend a hand, an ear, or a few sickles, even to someone he's just met. Did he buy you a drink? Help you build a shed? Rescue your kneazle from a tree?
  • For the first two months of the 1939-40 school year, Tash was the Professor of S.C.U.M.S. He now regrets the role he played in the travesty of a class.


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Father: Tash doesn't really grasp how disappointed in him his father is. He admires his dad, but the two don't really understand each other.


Mother: Belvina is always trying to encourage Tash to succeed, often by convincing her brother to arrange some new position for him that will surely be the one that sticks this time. Tash appreciates his mum's efforts, and loves her dearly. But she obviously just doesn't "get" him.


Eldest Brother: Caractacus and Tasciovanus do not get along in the least.


Little Sister: Tash considers his little sister to be his best friend. She's always there to support him, even when their parents are coming down on him for leaving his latest job.


Uncle: In Tash's eyes, Uncle Sirius can do no wrong. He sees him as a kindly old man that looks out for his family.

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