Character Information
Portrayed by Logan Lerman
Name: Tavish Hamish Urquart
Aliases: Ish
Birthday: April 18th, 1925
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


Standing at a sullen height of perhaps five and three quarters feet tall if he'd stop sulking about, Tavish is a dark-haired young man somewhere in his middling teen years, skin pale and unblemished. His eyes, when he deigns to lift them from the floor, are startling in the chill they carry, both in colour and emotion. He seems at any moment to burst into a laborious grousing session by the firm, unhappy set of his mouth. No matter what he's wearing, it's tidy and plain, muted greys and browns that seem purposefully chosen to help him disappear into the background. He carries a certain stillness about him that makes him out of place in a bustling common room or busy street. Perhaps a statue garden?


Despite being obnoxious lovebirds throughout most of their years at Hogwarts, once Dougal Urquart married Emmeline Bletchley, their passion for each other cooled rapidly. It was only at the insistence of Dougal's father and patriarch of the pure-blood Urquart clan that they set their disparate interests aside to have a child on April 18th of 1925. That, of course, was Tavish Hamish Urqart, named by the unfortunate combination of his mother's dear (and dearly departed) younger brother Tavish, and Dougal's uncle Hamish, who died just days before Emmeline discovered she was pregnant. The circumstances of his birth aside, Tavish was brought up in a loving (if somewhat unobtrusively so) household in Inverness, only a stone's throw from the Urquart family lands. There was some expectation that Tavish would take up the familial duties to protect the Loch's magical inhabitants, but after it became apparent that this was not to be, he was free to pursue his own ambitions. It was only Tavish that keenly felt his supposed deficiency as he'd always been a tense, overwrought child, easily troubled by the feelings and actions of others.

As expected, Tavish received his Hogwarts acceptance letter in 1936 and in due time was sorted into House Ravenclaw. Having already been an enterprising young Wizard-to-be, he easily settled into academic pursuits, though failed to connect in any meaningful way to his fellow Housemates or the assortment of distant relations also in attendance. He took up chess as a means of occupying his free time, though rebuked several offers to join the chess club, preferring to either play himself or his family back home through correspondence. The only club he deigned to join was the duelling club, ostensibly for scholarly pursuits. Considering the sum of his social life included those letters and one lone Slytherin who either took pity on him or was just as hopeless as Tavish was, it left plenty of time for him to study. He breezed through his classes, and upon his third year took up Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, and Study of Ancient Runes. That year was the first wherein he received a grade less than Outstanding, and though he returned the next year committed to overcoming his lack of skill, there was no more forcing the magical creatures trotted out in class to cooperate than Nessie and the rest back home. Not even the flobberworms.

Distraught upon the realization that he needed to drop the class, Tavish spent most of his winter break in hiding, until he finally got sick of feeling sorry for himself and set out to prove he could accomplish anything he set his mind to by joining the Quidditch team. A laughable endeavor for someone who could barely ride a broomstick, but by the end of his fourth year he was a member of the Ravenclaw team. After acing his O.W.L.s, Tavish chose to pursue N.E.W.T.s in Arithmancy, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Study of Ancient Runes to prepare him for a life of magical research.

RP Hooks

  • Arithmancy: Tavish has a mind for numbers. He can spout memorized arithmantic formulae for hours, probably, and can do complex numerological calculations in his head. He's generally willing to assist if someone needs help with their homework.
  • Duelling: While Tavish professes his membership in the club is purely to advance his practical experience, he is generally available as a duelling partner. So long as it doesn't conflict with one of his scheduled study sessions. Yes, of course he schedules his study sessions.
  • Nessie: Muggle-Born? Maybe you've heard the recent tales of the Loch Ness Monster. Well, it's real (not very surprising, honestly) and Tavish's family cares for it. He will dutifully answer questions about the not-myth, should they be directed his way.
  • Quidditch: Tavish is the Keeper for the Ravenclaw team. He is entirely unenthusiastic about the professional side of the sport but is obligated to keep up with it all for the sake of appearances.


  • Concerned
  • Distant
  • Intense
  • Sharp
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Dougal Urquart
Father: (1898) Pure-Blood. While Tavish loves his parents, he struggles to maintain a close relationship with them, his father especially. Dougal is often busy travelling, but they communicate cordially via owl.


Emmeline Urquart née Bletchley
Mother: (1901) Pure-Blood. Like Tavish's father, Emmeline's time is usually occupied by work, though instead of continent-hopping like her husband, she is usually locked away in her study. They exchange letters frequently, though generally under the premise of an ongoing long-distance chess match.


Only Best Friend: (1924) Pure-Blood. A series of unfortunate encounters all but forced the two into friendship. Five years of it in fact, including frequent holiday visits and more than a few post-curfew escapades. Entirely Alexander's doing, of course.


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