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Character Information
Portrayed by Joanna Scanlan
Name: Tawny
Aliases: "Ugly Hag"
Birthday: January 11th, 1810
Position: Underworld
Lineage: Hag


Tawny is incredibly short, though her hair attempts to make up for the difference. Dark red, she wears it pinned up high on her head. Her skin is fair, though it seems severely scarred with wrinkles. Her lips are thin and constantly pursed, and her eyes are golden in color. Her frame is strong and plump and she waddles slightly when she walks. Her nails have grown out long and sharp.

Tawny dresses like the matron she acts. Her favorite dress is dark purple and fuzzy, something unidentifiable between velvet and animal hair. It has a corseted back and the skirt falls all the way down to her ankles. Long sleeves cover her arms, and the hems of the dress is fringed. She wears multiple pieces of ever-changing cheap, gaudy jewelry, from dangling earrings to multitudes of necklaces and several rings.


Born in the Dartmoor Bogs she lived a happy young life that was until a change of guard in her twenties when a new Ranger was assigned by the R.C.M.C. to watch over the Dartmoor Bogs. The old Ranger let them live their lives so long as no babies turned up missing. The new Ranger thought everything that went wrong in the area was because of the hags. He killed her mother when she told him that if he keeps treating them live villains they might just start acting like it.

Tawny lost her home and she moved to the Mysticked District to get lost in the dark depths found there. A kind old witch allowed her to move into her boarding house and went so far as to leave the place to her when she passed because they were the only family they had at that point. For the 100 years Tawny has lived in the Mysticked Dristrict she's become a grandmotherly figure to many in Knockturn Alley, Cryptick Alley and Abnorm Alley. Particularly Abnorm Alley which is where the boarding house she owns is.


  • Busy-Body
  • Nosy
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Underworld Gramma - Tawny is a fearless character. She is like everyone on Knockturn Alley's (and its branches) busy body grand mother. She'll twist a werewolf's ear if she thinks he or she is out of line.
  • Feminist - Tawny has a dodgy moral compass as most folk in her neighborhood do. But nothing will get her heckled quicker than to see a woman being ill treated.


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Auror - Thought she was a prostitute that was about to get eaten by Pete so I interjected and got him to back off. Spotted her with the group that hustled Versi out of The Hoard. Turns out she was an undercover Auror. That takes gumption. Tawny's quite torn. She likes the woman, and she made it evident that Tawny has favor with her now. But is it worth it?


Mother: She was a pioneer in Hag rights. She was murdered for it. Tawny has become the grandmotherly figure to do what she can in her own way to demonstrate that Hags aren't some beasts to be exterminated.


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