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Catherine "Tessa" Marlowe
Portrayed by Penelope Cruz
Name: Catherine Marlowe
Aliases: Tessa
Birthday: May 04, 1912
Position: Bar Wench
Lineage: Muggle-born


A young woman, perhaps in her mid-20s. She has a clear, olive-toned complexion, with high cheekbones and chin that's just a bit sharp. Her eyes are so dark a brown that they look almost black, set under slender, well-arched brows, and her lips are just a touch uneven, with a shorter upper and rather fuller lower, usually painted a dark red. Her long, dark brown hair tends to be parted in the middle and done in a braid over one shoulder or the other.

She's clothed mostly for comfort, though there's a hint here and there that she might care more about being fashionable than she'd admit. A simple green dress with a fitted bodice and flared skirt comes to just past her knees, cinched around her waist with a wide brown leather belt, etched with intricate designs. Her demure pumps are cream-colored, accented here and there with darker brown. There are more than a few bangles around her wrists, and they jingle when she moves, which is almost always, as she's hardly ever totally still. The finishing touch is a flower in her hair, different every day yet never missing from her ensemble.


Catherine Marlowe, known as Tessa, was born on May 4th 1912, to William Marlowe and Catarina Marlowe (nee Mendoza), in London, England. Though she had a Squib grandfather, both her parents were Muggles. Catarina was working in a pub when she met William, a dashing and handsome man. Catarina was half-Spaniard, the product of an English father and Spanish mother, which initially drew William to her, due to what he considered her exotic beauty. Their passion was intense but volatile, and William's temper, plus his love of drink, caused many an outburst that ended in bruises for her mother, and later, Catherine herself. That they verged upon being 'working poor' and 'destitute' did not help matters, and Tessa grew up learning to fend for herself, as well as taking care of her mother after her father's violent episodes. She was alone in her unhappy childhood till her brother Billy was born when she was 15.

She entered Hogwarts in 1923 and was sorted into Ravenclaw; the school was a refuge for such an intelligent girl, who excelled in all her classes and went so far as to become a prefect in her fifth year. After that time her studies slipped slightly — she was constantly worried for her baby brother, and her holidays at home were mostly spent looking after him, protecting him from their father — she might have become Head Girl had her focus not been so divided. She graduated in 1930 and returned home; a year later, her father returned from another night of drinking and hit her mother so hard she never rose again. Unable to face what he'd done, he ran from the house, and Catherine — who had already begun to call herself Tessa when she was away from home — took her infant brother and ran for a place their father could never follow: Hogsmeade.

The Three Broomsticks happened to be looking for a barmaid. Tessa, who had taken a room there, jumped at the job; and moved to a smaller but more permanent room upstairs. She devoted herself to work and to raising Billy — in essence, she put her life on hold for her brother, who soon began to show signs of magic himself. She rarely regretted her choice. Her childhood had taught her to move stealthily, to remember details, to be an adept liar, oddly useful skills for a barmaid; likewise her NEWT in Potions was of use pouring and concocting drinks. She became indispensable to the management, particularly to an unexpected new owner, Fabia Fairfax; and was by and large content with her lot, and with being close to her brother even after he entered Hogwarts in 1938. Though she certainly continued to scrimp, to save, to plan for the future. Tessa Marlowe will be a barmaid as long as it's convenient, but certainly not forever.

RP Hooks

  • Fancy a drink? Come by the Three Broomsticks and Tessa will fix you up your favorite.
  • If you have a child at Hogwarts (or are at Hogwarts yourself), maybe s/he/you are friends with Billy. Tessa always likes to keep tabs on what he's up to.
  • Tessa was always happy at Hogwarts, and she made some good friends there. If you'd like to be one of them, let her player know!

When using Tessa as a Community NPC, consider the following:

  • Tessa has been serving at the Three Broomsticks for many years, and knows just about everyone that walked through its door since she came to work there.
  • She can be unforgiving of those that are abusive. She's a kind enough waitress, but if you cause trouble in the Broomsticks, you might find yourself unwelcome to return.


Fool Me Once Tessa usually gives people a chance when she first meets them socially. One chance. Waste it, and there isn't another one.
Dark Secret Tessa does not talk about what happened to her parents, to anyone. Ever.
Never Forgets A Face Honing her powers of observation at the Three Broomsticks, Tessa's brain has become a veritable Who's Who of everyone she's ever met.
Wealth: Poor Tending bar at the Three Broomsticks doesn't exactly leave Tessa rolling in cash, and what she does earn all goes to supporting her brother and feeding herself.
Grew Up Fast Tessa's childhood…can't really be called a childhood, and certainly since she assumed sole responsibility for her brother, she hasn't had any time to focus on anything but making ends meet.


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Little brother: Now in his second year at Hogwarts. Everything she's ever done in life, she's done for him. She puts him before anything else, including herself, and always will.


William Marlowe, Sr.
Father: William Marlowe was handsome and charming…when he wasn't drunk. If Tessa never sees him again, it will be too soon.


Catarina Marlowe
Mother (deceased): Catarina Marlowe was beautiful but weak. Tessa has vowed that she will never allow anyone to treat her as her father did her mother.


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