This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Theodore moved to France with his family the Summer of 1938.

Ex-Quidditch Jock
Portrayed by Alexander Ludwig
Name: Theodore Henri DuPont
Aliases: Bear; Teddy
Birthday: Aug 01, 1921
Position: Slytherin, 6th Year
Lineage: Pure-blood


Theodore is a handsome boy with clearly French lineage, especially noticeable in his sleepy eyes and straight nose. He's built like an athlete, rugged and muscular, with a thick chest and large arms. He walks with a fearless confidence and smug posture, his blonde hair often left floppy and messy over atop his head as if he were important enough that his hair doesn't matter. His thin waist and broad shoulders give him a powerful, athletic look, but his height is mostly found in his torso, giving him a low center of gravity and long midsection. He often has dirt under his fingernails and tends to have an earthy, outdoorsy smell about him from spending so much time outside.


Theodore was born in London the son of two wizards. Though his parents were both French, they were living in Britain when Theodore was born, and made their home there even though they were often traveling. Henri, Theodore's father, was a relatively high ranking official in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures' Beast Division. Theodore was fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time amongst the magical creatures his father worked with as part of the Ministry. As such, Theodore's youth was filled with training, riding and befriending unusual creatures, and traveling throughout Europe to see them. When he wasn't with his father, he was carousing the entertainment industry with his mother Celene, a renowned stage actress. Theodore spent a great deal of time traveling across the continent with her as her career required.

When the strange things that happen as part of a budding wizard's powers manifesting began, his wizard parents were quite excited. A rather extravagant party was held at the DuPont's familial estate in Paris to celebrate the boy's emerging skills. It was attended by famous wizards from both the Ministry ranks and the entertainment industry, including several professional Quidditch athletes.

After attending Lyce Franais Charles de Gaulle school in South Kensington during his youth, Theodore started at Hogwarts when he was 11. He's never been a great student, but it's mostly because of lack of interest amplified by his dyslexia, something he works very hard to hide. His mother's socializing skills and his father's important career has left him with a sense of entitlement that makes him rather overconfident. He was chosen as House Slytherin, as nearly all DuPonts who have ended up at Hogwarts are. At Hogwarts, he focused his time and energies more on sports than classes, becoming a star Quidditch player. While not a bully, he's in more hall fights each year than most kids are in their entire scholastic career. He usually wins them, too.


The wand that chose Theodore has a dragon heartstring core and is made of rich, medium-colored chestnut. It is twelve inches long, with a very gentle arch at its grip.


Theodore's familiar is a ferret named Grimm. It's bold, nosy and quick to sniff anyone that comes near it.

RP Hooks

Famous Mother Celene DuPont is a well-known stage actress in the wizarding/magical theater scene around Europe.
Father Works at the Ministry Henri DuPont holds a high-ranking position with the Ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures' Beast Division.
Needs a Tutor Well, not exactly. What Theodore really needs is a smart, little guy who will do his homework for him in exchange for protection from bullies.
Prominent French Wizarding Family The DuPont family name is well-known as one of the wealthiest, most prominent wizarding families in France. The family has a great deal of influence there, and Theodore's grandparents own a palatial estate in Paris that is used as a wizard gathering and meeting place, as well as for retreats.
Quidditch Star Theodore was the Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team at Hogwarts for several years. He plays the position of Chaser and is exceptionally talented at it.
Scrapper If there's a fight in the halls at Hogwarts, it's likely Theodore's in it. Though, strangely, he isn't exactly known for being a bully.


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  • Wealth: Rich
  • Animal Lover
  • Enemy
  • Family Name
  • Dyslexic



Henri DuPont
My father.


Celene DuPont
My mum.



















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