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The Charmer
Portrayed by Dan Stevens
Name: Thomas Beowulf Greyson Carrow
Aliases: Tom
Birthday: October 01, 1918
Position: Owner - Books Unbound
Lineage: Pure-blood

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Cicero


Thirteen and a half inches, ivy, solid, with a phoenix feather core.



This cat followed Thomas home one day on his walk back from the Ministry. Despite Thomas' efforts, the cat had concluded it was indeed going to live with him. He has named the cat Jean Valjean, after the character in Les Miserables, and on occasion calls the cat, Monsieur Madeleine.



This young man stands at a decently generous height; somewhat above average, but not overly so. He has an average build and bearing, with strong features. His facial structure is rounded, but with a well-defined jawline. Thin lips rest beneath a prominent — without being overly so — nose. There is a nearly constant furrow to his brow, sometimes casting ice-blue eyes into shadow. His hair is a dark blonde that edges near brown in places. Over all, Thomas has a serious countenance that does not detract from a general attractiveness.

Currently he is wearing a pinstriped vest: grey with very fine grey pin striping. The five button vest sports two front pockets. Under the vest he is wearing a simple white dress shirt, the top two buttons have been left undone and no tie is worn, while the shirt itself has been tucked into his slacks. His simple black slacks, are straight cut, with a little extra cloth hanging around his ankles. A black leather belt, with a silver square buckle runs the length of his waist, while on his feet he wears a pair of well loved black boots, that look like they haven't seen polish in quiet sometime. Around his left wrist, is a rather plain looking round silver wristwatch, with a black leather band.


The Carrow & Gibbon Family:

Through battle, perfection. Through victory, immortality.

That is the Carrow family motto, thus it surprises no one that the family has a bloody history, with many famous Aurors, dark wizards, and duelists. The Gibbon family's history is rich as well… without the many historic deaths but then again they're wizarding line only goes back seven generations. With a history like his families, Tiberius Carrow II is everything you would expect of him. A reactionary, dogmatic, warrior who runs his family more like a military camp than a home. His first son, Tiberus III, is the deputy general of the home. His wife, Ahmara nee Gibbon taking an administrative role. Then there was Mikhale, the second son, The Envoy and Auror that made Tiberius II so very proud.

The Younger Years:

Being the youngest child, Thomas Beowulf Greyson was both largely ignored and given high standards to compete with. While his mistakes were not called into question as often as his elder siblings, his triumphs passed with little acknowledgement. While some may have taken this as leave to perform only adequately, Thomas took it as a challenge. Even those magical mishaps that are a part of a wizarding child's younger years went largely disregarded.

Hogwarts, A Slytherin:

The ambition that grew within him was at a fever pitch when he received his letters for Hogwarts. It seemed only due course that the Sorting Hat deemed him a fit for Slytherin only seconds after being placed upon his head. It was in that House that Thomas thrived. Not only was he in a school where exemplary skill was noticed, but his housemates were just as ambitious (if not more at times) than he. Surrounded by kindred souls, Thomas excelled. A fine hand in practical applications of magic, it was the dueling club where Thomas excelled. He was never very physically adept and did not go for Quidditch like many other lads. Instead it was his tendency to intimidate and disarm — through witty banter — his opponents on the dueling stage that won him his share of fame and attention of the opposite gender in school. Unlike most students, he remained in Binn's courses throughout his seven years. After the fifth, it was to study law and the history therein rather than mere magical history. It was also of no surprise, that Professor Slughorn saw the potential this aspiring wizard had, and quickly collected him.

Department of International Magical Cooperation:

An internship with the Ministry in his sixth year in the Department of International Magical Cooperation hooked him on trade laws and other international communications, leading to those focused studies with the history professor at Hogwarts. It was no surprise to schoolmates or family when he went straight to the I.M.C. after graduation, taking on an internship under the trade commissioners and lawyers within the department. He has begun to learn a wider spread of languages to support his future career. Thomas had settled in a Flat in London, where he began to admire the Muggles from afar, before starting his secret life, trying to live as they do.

Books Unbound

Funny things happen, like Breaking Treaties and loosing your job at the I.M.C. oh and being disowned by your Family of course. Yes that happened to Thomas, he had falling quick and fast in love, being the rather impulsive young man he had become. In the attempt to free the women he cared about from her curse, he traveled to Berlin, sought out the wand that had cursed her, in the bravest way he knew, Paperwork. A few forged signatures here and a handful of violated treaties, well you know what happens. This is how Books Unbound came around, in a rash and also rather impulsive move, Thomas liquidated all his assets and bought a shop on Diagon Alley, a bookstore that sells both Muggle and wizarding text, not to mention some of the best coffee in the Alley.


  • Charming: Most people tend to find Thomas both pleasent and attractive, this seems to come naturally to Thomas, he doesn't go out of his way to come across this way, he is simply just a Charmer.
  • Chivalrous: Thomas is a gentleman, courteous and gallant. A true man of his behaviors, he lives by a set code of conduct, especially towards women and it would take a lot for him to deviate from those standards.
  • Well-Spoken: Thomas forms words in a educated and refined manner, he always considers what he says before he says it.
  • Wealth: Comfortable: Thomas has managed to stay afloat after loosing his job at the Ministry, his Bookstore is pretty much the only thing keeping him from crumbling, since he has been disowned by his family, he put everything he had into the bookstore, if it fails Thomas will be broke as a joke.

RP Hooks

  • Books Unbound: Thomas is the owner of Books Unbound, you might have just bought a book from him.
  • I.M.C.: Thomas was a Law Intern at the I.M.C. it is possible you know him from there.
  • Ministry: As a Ministry employee, you have probably heard about Thomas' rather short lived career.
  • Pure-blood: Chances our if you are Pure-Blooded we have bumped into each other and at least know each others name, from all the Social Events and things like that.
  • Literature: Thomas is a avid reader and can always be caught with the current book he is reading.
  • Class of 1936: Thomas Graduated from Hogwarts in 1936, Second in his Class.


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It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know


Tiberius Carrow I
Paternal Grandfather -


Armanda Carrow nee Sykes
Paternal Grandmother -


Tiberius Carrow II
Father -


Harald Gibbon
Maternal Grandfather -


Gavriila Gibbon nee Burke
Maternal Grandmother -


Ahmara Carrow nee Gibbon
Mother -


Tiberius Carrow III
Older Brother -


Older Brother - Mikhale fell hard from their father's graces when he was dishonorably discharged from the Auror Office. Thomas understands what it means to be out of sight with Tiberius and he is sympathetic. Thomas would go behind the families back to socialize and help Mikhale. But Mikhale doesn't seem to want his help or presence, so Thomas waits for a sign from his big brother.

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