Character Information
Portrayed by Mel Smith
Name: Thraxis Bletchley
Aliases: Axis
Birthday: December 3rd, 1880
Position: Wizengamot
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Thraxis Bletchley is not a handsome man. A little island patch of thin hair occupies the fore of his large head, and large ears stick out from beneath the dwindling remainder. Jowly and heavy of brow, he brings to mind a pugnacious bulldog; the occasional frown threatening to obscure his piggy, deep-set little blue eyes entirely and his chin merging with the fleshy third or fourth one gathered beneath. A dapper bowtie of blue velvet adds a touch of panache to an otherwise quite drab black suit, though his corpulent form is still perfectly distinct beneath the fine fabric.


  • There was a point in his earlier career as a ministry official where he had an affair with another official's wife. It took him over a decade to clear his name and reputation and ever since has worked hard to change his life and has proven to be a neutral if a bit harsh of a judge.
  • Married to Gervase Flint's Sister. His neutrality was solidly proven when he was one of the first to sign the warrant against his brother-in-law.
  • Thraxis lives in the Family Home in Bletchley, England.


  • Neutral
  • Judgmental
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Thraxis is the patriarch of the Bletchley Family.
  • Wizengamot - Thraxis has been on the Wizengamot for many years. He is a harsh judge, but he is always neutral in chambers. He would give his wife and children the same sentence as a stranger.


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-?- Bletchley
Father: <describe relationship>


-?- Bletchley nee Tripe
Mother: <describe relationship>


Gertrude Bletchley nee Flint
Wife: (b. 1880) A good woman and wife who took the scandal of his affair with dignity and grace and stayed with him through the good and the bad.


Jena Bletchley
Eldest Daughter: (b. 1898) ((Open for Creation.)) Most likely married out of the family.


Kass Bletchley
Eldest Son: (b. 1900) ((Open for Creation.)) Heir. Second child, first son.


Second Daughter: (b. 1903) Third child, second daughter.


Arnall Bletchley
Second Son: (b. 1905) Fourth child, second son.


Alder Bletchley
Third Son: (b. 1908) Fifth child, third son.


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