Character Information
Portrayed by Poppy Drayton
Name: Thyri Jinta Agrippa Helstrom
Aliases: Theory, Ri, Jin, Helcat
Birthday: September 12 1917
Position: Unknown
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A classic elegance and beauty, the woman stands just over average height made mostly of her long legs. Modest curves encompass a slender form and slender swan like neck. With a complexion of pale cream, her large warm brown eyes stand out to match the thick long waves of deep chocolate hued locks. Full lips are set to either side by very faint laugh lines, painted in rich hues of mauve to emphasize the warm understone of her skin. Her straight, carefully sculpted nose tops off the woman that is likely the result of careful breeding.

She wears a navy dress of silk with a pattern of pale pink flowers and foliage. The full skirt is supported by a few layers of petticoats. Back seamed hosiery are matched with her navy pump shoes with their buckles. Her hair is styled back and away in a beautiful bun with waves spilling free. A hat of navy rests forward and to one side, a wide brimmed sraw affair with feathers and ribbons in creams and pale pinks. Her gloves also match the blue of her dress.


Thyri was born in the warmth of a busky Autumn in 1917, the younger of the three Agrippa children blessed to Yevgeny and Esther. Despite her mother's health, Thyri was robust and ready to face the world from day one with two older brothers to help her push her way out into the world she became bold and outspoken, quickly taking to the ideals of her family. She knew Ove before she even went to school, a dear friend of her family and specifically her brothers, it is no wonder that a marriage would eventually be brokered between the the Helstroms and Agrippas. What better way to solidify loyalties then to secure a Pure-Blood follower's daughter. Even within her, Helstrom had a supporter and she was more than willing to marry the Helstrom heir.

Before she did she attended Durmstrang, excelling in her transfiguration courses and dueling. The Agrippas, especially her father's children were martial oriented and being a female did not deter Thyri. She graduated and shortly after was married to Ove. Soon thereafter Anthony was lost on some errand for Ove, this much Thyri was given knowledge of but what it was still remains unknown and even Marcus refuses to share with her and now that he lives in England she is likely never to know.

Through the entirety of their marriage Thyri struggled to conceive a child, unable to give Ove one of the very things he hoped for - secure pure-blood lineage. Despite this Ove cared for her every need and made sure she was comfortable in her new home. Sadly this meant she was more of a shut away, clothed and housed unless there were those she needed to make an appearance for. It led to her fleeing their home using her abilities as an Animagus.

It is not exactly known why but Thyri had decided to leave Ove and their home to come to England. Most say it is merely time away meant to be spent with her brother and wife, yet there are other rumors that say Ove and Thyri are not getting on and the Mrs Helstrom is getting some much needed space.

Who's to say?


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Stubborn
  • Short Tempered
  • Jaded Romantic

RP Hooks

  • Ove Helstroms Wife - Thryi is the Ove's young wife.
  • Army of Truth - She was previously a member, maybe you know her.
  • Foreigner - Thyri is from Finland but lived in Sweden for many years.
  • Durmstrang Graduate - Thryi is a graduate of the class of 1929 from Durmstrang
  • A Little Secert - She has one, can you figure it out?


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Husband: No matter the cost what must be done, must be done.


Yevgeny Agrippa
Father: Father was a man of action and solid beliefs. Children were never children in your home. Perhaps that is what makes me strong enough to deal with what must happen.


Esther Agrippa
Mother: You loved our father, which was your biggest failing. You loved us and for that we are blessed.


Brother: Two make one. I will and can never understand how you experienced the loss of Anthony. It pained us all but for you it was more. I am not Anthony but I am still your sister. I need your strength brother.


Brother: A flame that was quenched far too soon. What happened to you? Maybe one day I will be able to dig out the answers from those that refuse to share.


Sister-in-law: A bird in a cage. I know what has happened…perhaps not why and I know you are not happy. We have many things in common.



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