Irish Arts Photography
Portrayed by Ewan McGregor
Name: Timothy Connor Moody
Aliases: Irish, Tim
Birthday: March 14th, 1910
Position: Photojournalist
Lineage: Pure-blood


Tim is a man with a thick Irish brogue. He has fair and very lightly freckled skin, emerald green eyes, stands about 5'10" tall, and is approximately 155 pounds. His hair is floppy short dark russet red hair done in 'swing kid' fashion.

The angles of the Irishman's face are quite usual for a man of strong Gaelic heritage. Each angle however is softened just slightly by the forever charmingly boyish way about the man. The smell of Photography Potions and Flash Dust are ever present, with softer scents of whiskey and tobacco smoke. A wide soft chin is cleft in the middle, but the usual presence of a red fuzz of five o'clock shadow makes the cleft appear more slight than it is. His lips are thin but even when pulled into a straight face there's always a youthful hint of a smile in his expression. Now Gaelic men are known to have strong noses, but his is quite small but shares the thick bridge and small tip the Moody's have always had. Evenly spaced to each side of his nose are eyes that have slight droop to the top lids and slight pooch to the under lid. Often he keeps his eyes squinted just a bit, as if trying to subdue the emerald like facets of his irises. A slight stammer appears in his Brogue when he is brought out from the camera and forced to be social. The man mostly always seen behind a large Daily Prophet Camera seems to prefer to stay right there, behind the camera, out of sight, preferring to just be the shy wall flower.


From a long line of Aurors, there has always been Moody in the Auror Office since it's conception. Childhood wasn't difficult for Tim, it was just different. Both of his parents, his father, Connor Moody and his mother were Aurors and they were some of the best in the Office so they and Tim weren't exactly close.


Eleven and a half inches inches, aspen, flexible, with a dragon heartstring core.

It was his father's brother, who was a photojournalist for the Daily Prophet that did most of Tim's upbringing. It was in the dark room that his youthful magic proclaimed itself when he made the pictures animate before they were even dipped in the Moving Pictures Potion.

Hogwarts was a mixed bag for Tim. He was a very shy boy, and he had a stammer that embarrassed him, so he preferred to stay behind his camera and focus on school work so he could become an Auror as was expected of him. Being a shy boy in Gryffindor made making friends challenging. But there were eventually a few that got behind the camera so to speak and they helped Tim with his stutter. He found that confidence was the key. It also helped that for once he felt loved. But to the day when he gets fluster, which mostly happens around people he's *ahem* attracted to. Which has proven thus far to be rather counter productive in his romantic life.

When he graduated things with his parents warmed up rather nicely. Now that he could join in on their interests. Unfortunately his parents were captured and tortured and Tim broke every rule in the book for an Auror initiate to rescue them. During the rescue his mother died in his arms and driven to madness his father attacked him. Tim had to nearly kill his father in order to calm him down and snap him out of his derangement. Just in time for one of their captors to come in and nearly kill Tim with the Killing Curse. But his father in a lucid moment threw himself in the way of the spell. From under his fallen father Tim dispatched the Dark Wizard and disapparated away with the bodies of his parents. It's been a couple of years since that day. Jaded by the lack of action on the Auror Offices end Tim never became an Auror. Instead he became a Photojournalist like his uncle for the Daily Prophet.

Extended Backgrounds

Within the below link to the extended background is a detailed look and mostly OOC knowledge of Tim's Background.

RP Hooks

  • Works at the Daily Prophet.
  • Is an Artistic Photographer on the Side.
  • Lives at the Moody Residence in the Square Mile neighborhood in the East End of London.


Logs featuring Tim Logs that refer to Tim


  • Secret
  • Stammers When Flustered
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do



Wife - Never has he or could he stop loving her. Things got hard and she had to take some time away to figure things out. They have been figured nicely and Tim can once again call her his wife. Now more than ever with a sense that she wants it just as much as he does and it is a wonderful feeling. She is the only living person besides Bowie that knows his true self and this time around he feels like he can actually be himself without worry.


Aurora Sarah Moody
Daughter - Born December 31st, 1940 just moments before midnight on New Years Eve. Tim pretty much feels like it was love at first sight with Annie. Is there a way to say someone falls in love quicker than that. This girl had his heart in that amount of time.


Medic and Friend - Keenan and Annie are the only people who know Tim's secret. Keenan has patched up Tim and saved his life with no questions asked since Tim first started the double life. A friendship grew from that, the Kinship of their mutual Irish Roots having a great deal to do with it. Even with the Banshee shroud hung up Keenan is considered to be Tim's best friend.


Co-Worker -


Urchin - Tim once kept this kid out of trouble when he…she was caught lifting some fellow's pocket watch by a hitwizard. After that when he'd see the kid in the street he'd give him..her an apple or something from one of the nearest vendor. He's not seen him…her very much lately, word is she got adopted up. He's glad and hope she stays off the street now.



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