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Character Information
Portrayed by Helen Mirren
Name: Titania Gambol
Birthday: 1853
Position: Socialite and Philanthropist
Former Minister for Magic
Lineage: Half-Blood


This elegant, well-preserved woman appears to be perhaps seventy years old. She stands only 5'4", and weighs about 130 lbs., and has lightly tanned skin, surprisingly smooth for a woman of her years. Her hair is a honey blonde, long, and curled up around her head in an ornate up-do of waves, including one large curl of her bangs that twists down over her left temple. Beneath arched eyebrows a shade darker than her hair, here eyes are blue and deep set on either side of a long straight nose, with crows feet beginning to mark her age. Round cheeks are kept rosy with a light application of clearly expensive cosmetics, and more of the same turns her lips a dark red. Laugh lines frame her mouth, and a small beauty mark is set low on her left cheek. She maintains a classic hourglass figure, with a slim waist and broader hips.

She is tastefully and elegantly dressed. A saffron silk blouse with a high neck is worn with a long skirt of black wool, coming to mid-calf. Boots disappear under the skirt and have ornamental silver buckles and a stacked heel. A set of robes in burnt orange finishes the outfit, though it is paired with a pointed witch's hat on appropriate occasions. Dangling diamond earrings grace the lobe of each ear, and a multi-strand string of pearls ending in a cameo brooch nestle in the hollow of her throat. A few rings and bracelets clink on her fingers, including a large ring that Wizarding history buffs might remember from a painting of Minister Ottaline Gambol.


Daughter of Jamerson Mather and Helena Kneen two struggling half-blood actors that met each other when they joined a Muggle Theatre to enact A Midsummer Night's Dream. They were very poor, but they had each other and eventually Titania was born. It was after his daughter was born that Jamerson got it in his mind that things needed to get better for her sake and so he got into politics. His acting ability allowed him an edge on the political platforms and eventually he worked his way through the ranks and by the time Titania was on her way to Hogwarts, Jamerson was in the Central Office in the Ministry.

Titania became a Ravenclaw and beyond her core classes studied Care of Magical Creatures and the Study of Ancient Runes as her electives. She was made Prefect for her house and eventually became Head Girl while she was studying Charms, Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts as her N.E.W.T. courses.

After graduation Titania Gambol rose through the ranks of the Ministry, beginning as an agent of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, and eventually leading it. In time, she was elected to the Wizengamot, where she spent six years before being elected Minister for Magic in 1903. She lost her seat in 1940 to Leonard Spencer-Moon. During that time she met Abraham Gambol at one of her father's political galas. Abraham was the great-grandson of Ottaline Gambol, an idol of Titania's. He was much older than she was and he woo'd her like a gentleman. He understood her nature and ambition and was a perfect politician's husband. Abraham remains on the Wizengamot and supports Titania's philanthropy and socialite life-style now that she's no longer in the Ministry. They have one son who rebelled against his sophisticated parents and runs a Joke shop in the Mysticked District with one of his buddies from Hogwarts.

Titania Gambol's Platform


  • Sophisticated: Titania is a glamorous, intelligent, dedicated to justice and is a no nonsense, doesn't suffer fools kind of woman.
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Her Great-Grandmother-In-Law Ottaline was Minister for Magic mid-18th Century.
  • Her son is part owner of Gambol and Japes Joke Shop.
  • Was Minister for Magic from 1903 to 1940.


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Titania is an old friend of the Proudmore family. Though their relationships has never quite been the same since the incident with the carriage house fire.


The young upstart thought he could turn everything on its ear. Titania was no pushover, and didn't go down without a fight.

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