Character Information
Portrayed by James Cosmo
Name: Torrigan
Aliases: Chief
Birthday: May 9th, 1869
Position: Chief of the Starchasers
Lineage: Centaur


Powerful, brawny, hulking; all these words can describe this centaur, with his ginger-and-gold hair threaded with white and his shrewd water-blue eyes shadowed by bushy eyebrows. His human part is muscled and draped in practical clothing, leather armor, and a heather-purple sash embroidered with many white stars. His horse half resembles that of a shire horse: solid and strong. The coat is a handsome bay, the reddish colour contrasting nicely with a flaxen-and-ginger tail. He moves with a palpable sense of authority and experience. Clearly, this is a centaur who has seen much and lived to speak of it.


As a young colt, Torrigan feasted on the legends of the original Starchasers. His grandsire would tell him the stories of those first heroes that ventured into the vale to retrieve the fallen star, and how they battled a trio of trolls that tried to claim it for themselves. He dreamed of his own name being remember in songs, or perhaps even written in the stars.

Age and his share of mistakes taught Torrigan humility. But even in his wisdom, he never completely abandoned his ambition. He still strove to be the best, but now it wasn't just for his own glory, but for the love of his herd. He cares for his people as if every one of them is his own brother, sister, or child.


  • Stern
  • Fair-Minded

RP Hooks

  • Chief of the Starchasers: Are you a centaur? This is the head of your herd.
  • Great Hero: Torrigan wears over sixty stars on his sash. Many of the Talekeeper's stories are about the accomplishments of Torrigan.


Logs featuring Torrigan Logs that refer to Torrigan



One of the impressive young wizards that helped save Torrigan's life.


One of the impressive young wizards that helped save Torrigan's life.

Special Rules

  • Powerful Body: Centaurs are faster and stronger than humans. They receive a +2 bonus to all rolls involving feats of strength and physical stamina, and +4 to any roll involving running. As a rule, a centaur will always outrun a human in a straight race. Only a human who has trained specifically for running speed has a hope of matching centaur speed.
  • Eyes of Fate: Centaurs have a natural talent for divination, and gain a +2 to all Divination rolls.
  • Healing Hands: Centaurs are skilled healers, and gain a +2 to all Medicine rolls, and to Potions rolls to make Healing potions.
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