A Pocketful of Magic
Name: Jen
Aliases: Sparkle, Hey You, TS.
Birthday: I have more unbirthdays than birthdays!
Position: Player
Location: Silicon Valley

About Me

Vegan, mid twenties, unattached female in search of next unicorn!

I do philanthropic activities as well as my normal "job" of being an angel for startups that I find interesting in the San Fran area. When I'm not doing that, I travel, party, stay up later than I probably should, do yoga, enjoy tanning and generally having fun.

I enjoy creating RP that showcases brilliance in other people's characters, and don't shirk from causing a bit of chaos where it might be needed to break up stagnancy. Always happy to help or chat.

I like cupcakes!


Cara Sybil Walburga
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